What is 1 piece of gear you regret letting go of that is too expensive to replace now?


Rosewood or Bust
Jan 31, 2013
San Antonio, TEXAS
I started thinking about this recently and still I find myself kicking my ass for getting rid of my rosewood neck 513. Every time I see one on reverb the price just makes me weep lol. I think that the cheapest I have seen one as of late has been about $5,000 and granted I know that a new PRS is running close to that but it still just kills me. Anyway, what do you regret letting go of?
My Rhodes and Clavinet. I was broke and they took up too much space, and I had to soften the blow of my (now) wife’s schooling and our housing.

It’d be like, $10k to get back what I had now… annnnd… they wouldn’t fit in my laundry room.

Thank god for Behringer! I can replace my Mini Moog now for $300-800.
My Denon turntable and 33 LP collection to my nephew. About $2500-$3000 worth of sentimental, some rare out-of-print LPs, some as old as the year 1948, and the turntable about $250. A lot of my Dad's old classical music collection, plus ones I'd collected since 1973...

The LPs were dust collectors, and didn't receive much air time since my iTunes playlists were created. Sending out the LPs was a little heartbreaking, but a necessary thing in order to simplify the clutter and free up space. I suppose if they sat around in an attic they'd be just as worthless, so why not hand them onto a music fan who will appreciate them?
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Only guitar I regret selling at all was an Edwards Jimmy Page #1 from about 06 or so.

Got it from a guy on the MLP forum and sold it to get a Gibson LP Standard in February 2020.

That said the Gibson was a great pickup. I had Rewind JPP pickups put in it.
Haven't sold anything yet. I have a pile of pedals and speakers that I'm ready to sell and I'm pretty sure I won't miss.

I've been toying with selling my Custom 24 to get a different PRS... not sure though. It plays so nice. And it sounds great with distortion. But the only pickup position I like clean is the neck pickup, and it doesn't work for everything. I think I need a guitar with either a middle pickup or 4 conductor humbuckers so that I can do series/parallel (or both).
I was on the list for a King of Tone back when the list was only like 9 or 12 months. My name came up, I got it, and didn't initially understand or bond with it. So I sold it for practically the same price I paid.. maybe $250 or so at the time(?). Now they're going used for like $800. Shoot!
Most of my guitars that I sold in todays dollars are worth way more.

The notable ones

My First Electric 73 Fender Hardtail Stratocaster
75 Les Paul Custom ( Black with silver hardware ) got it for $500 in 82
83 - 62 Reissue MIJ Telecaster
Moden Eagle II
Brushstroke 24
Santana II
Hollowbody II
Early 70’s 100w Marshall Superlead full-stack I bought new at Chuck Levins. See the prices I wrote in above each. $1,495 for the whole shebang! F’in LOUD! I did keep the catalog and bumper sticker though :rolleyes:


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I started on bass guitar and lately I've been wishing I never sold my first good bass, a Gibson EB3. I payed $345.00 for the bass and the case. I see new ones are listing for around $1,800.

It was a 1969 model I bought brand new in the summer of 1970 after saving up from working as a bus boy after school and on weekends. EB3's were very popular at the time and the bass players in many of the bigger local bands around the Detroit and Ann Arbor area used them. The Amboy Dukes, Frigid Pink, SRC and the Frost to name a few.

I remember when I finally bought it. Talk about a kid who was thrilled over the moon with happiness. There's a lot of good memories in that bass. Honest to gosh, I was even thinking about it today wondering who has it. I've been feeling very nostalgic lately about a great many things and that EB3 is part of that nostalgia.
Having recently replaced one I regretted, I am feeling pretty good. But I did sell an amp that I can’t replace and regret that. It was a Soldano/Caswell X99 with a 4-space all-tube Soldano 100 watt rack power amp. I got a good price compared to what it cost me, but you couldn’t touch it for that now.

On the other hand, I do have two Brazilian rosewood necked 513s. You remind me that I probably shouldn’t sell them.