Which PRS acoustic to replace my Martin 000 28?


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Jun 17, 2021
TL,DR: I want to replace my Martin 000 with a PRS acoustic, but I am uncertain about the specs, mostly body size.

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Truth be told I don't really like playing acoustic guitars. I've only ever had two, both nice ones.

First a gibson J45, that I bought about 7 years ago (after playing electric for over 20 years). Great looking guitar, sounded good but only when strummed hard, and the body size made it very uncomfortable to hold. I have a bad right shoulder and it would physically hurt to play after 20 minutes or so. Neck was also way too thin.

I sold it looking for a smaller bodied acoustic thinking that if I found one that I would enjoy playing I would play acoustic more. After a lot of search I ended up with a Martin 000 28 reimagined, which I still own.

It’s a gorgeous guitar that sounds great and plays amazingly well, but still sits in the case for months on end and basically only comes out when I need it for a gig. That's because first off, it's expensive and pristine and I'm afraid to ding it and devalue it, so it doesn't stay out in the rack like my electrics (I have 2 kids under 5 years old). Second, the V shaped neck is not that comfortable. Lastly, I don't really enjoy playing acoustic.

I've come to the conclusion that it doesn't make sense for me to own a guitar worth thousands of dollars that doesn't really see action, and I'd rather have a cheaper one that I can use more freely.

I love my PRS McCarty and I see the PRS acoustics have the same wide fat neck, it seem to be a consistent spec on all of their acoustic guitars.

But what stumps me is the body size, I can't relate PRS specs to the Martin specs I am more familiar with. I'd really like to stay in the ballpark of a 000, no dreads for me but also I don't really want to go smaller because I need bottom end when I play live.

And lastly woods. I like how my Martin sounds and if I could get something similiar, on the warmer side, I'd be happy, but it comes after comfort for me.

Which model should I look at? I live in Europe and I have no idea where I could find a bunch of PRS acoustics to try, so I would have to buy unseen.

I feel like "going core" would put me in the same spot I am now: having a very nice and pricy guitar that doesn't get played.

As far as I can see there are two choices right now for PRS, bodyshape-wise: angelus and parlor. I am afraid the parlor might be too small and the angelus too big.

I wouldn't mind the small size of the parlor tho if it's good enough for strumming.
I have 2 Core Angelus models , love them both . The Mahogany one is very warm . I have a Tonare Grand PS as well . they are truely magnificent. I would look out for a Steve Fischer Angelus as they have the carbon beam vs truss rod. (pre 2012) Steve is the Luthier that designed them .. he's on his own now and builds a few more models , all stunning.
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I have 2 Core Angelus models , love them both . I have a Tonare Grand PS as well . they are truely magnificent. I would look out for a Steve Fischer Angelus as they have the carbon beam vs truss rod. (pre 2012) Steve is the Luthier that designed them .. he's on his own now and builds a few more models , all stunning.

That’s what the eBay add is for.
I kind of hate to say it, but I don’t think I would go with a PRS acoustic as an alternative to the 000.
The Angelus is a bit more compact than the Tonare and has a nice neck, but it isn’t especially small. If you can find one to try, it’s worth a go, but I wouldn’t buy one on spec.
Based Off Your OP It Sounds To Me Like You Are In Between A Rock And A Hard Place To Some Degree. There Is The Price Side Of Playing It And Dinging It Up And The Size, Ergonomics/Specs And Sound You Made Mention Of. I Don't Know That A Move Can Be Made That Isn't A Lateral Move In Your Instance. I Can See A Few Brands (Collings, Taylor) Being A Possibility But In All Likelihood You Would Just Be Switching Brands And Not Solving Every Issue You Mentioned. Now Granted, Solving A Couple Of The Issues You Mentioned May Be A Great benefit For You So I Don't Want To Discourage You In That Regard. Without Trying A Bunch Of Guitars Out It Is Difficult To Tell And I Am With @veinbuster And What He Said. The Other Thing To Really Consider (And You Likely Already Know) Is That No Two Guitars Are Alike (Especially Acoustics) So That Throws Another Stick In The Proverbial Bicycle Wheel.

As A Side Note, This Just Dawned On Me So I Thought I Would Mention It. With Your Shoulder Injury, Are You Playing Your Guitar In Classical Players Position? How You Play (Positionally) Can Make A Big Difference. If You Aren't Playing In That Position, Maybe Try It And See If it Helps And If It Does, You May Not Need To Buy Another Guitar At All And It May Solve Your Shoulder Issue. Just A Thought. :)
One of my stupid past decisions was letting go of an OM-28 V. Guitars are meant to be played- I say hold onto the Martin, enjoy the great sound, and be okay with the dings, scuffs & scratches that come with use.
I was able to try a few of the PRS acoustics in Aug '22 and they did not work for me. I have been a Martin owner and fan for over 30 years, so that was part of it, they just did not have the sound I wanted from an acoustic (then again, Taylors I have tried, from $2k-$8k did not have the sound I wanted either). But that is just me. I have never played a PRS PS or Core acoustic so I can't say if that would have sold me. As for body size, I think you have the Parlor and the Angelus/Tonare size (which I think are pretty close to dreadnought but don't quote me on that) and that is it. Best of luck! I would keep the Martin though and set a schedule that prompts you to play it once a week or month or something as a diversity exercise ;~))