Video review of my new DGT


Ministry of guitar
Apr 13, 2017
Hi folks,
Not really very active on the forum, though I have a bunch of PRSs (one 594, 3 513s, a Custom 22 (that's about to go) and a Custom 24).
So after years of thinking about it, I spotted a DGT on sale in Andertons and got it.
And I love it, it completely lives up to the hype.

So excited, I even made a proper video review. So here it is.

Congrats on your new guitar, a great choice, you sure it has a nitro finish? I thought that was just on the older/original DGTs, I could well be mistaken though.
That look on your lady's face at the beginning, just as you're about to open the case? God, how many times I have seen that look...
Congrats! Great vid. Tho, in fairness, your dog (tho cute) seemed less than excited ;)
Congrats! The DGT is probably my favorite PRS model next to the McCarty and McCarty 594. I think it’s got the coolest and most elegant looking control layout ever.

And kudos for making a video!
Exceptional, all the way around! Guitar, playing, and video, all terrific. Congrats