1. Ovibos

    Gave the Purple Vela the bling it deserved

    You may remember I acquired a rare purple Vela. Finally got around to swapping the black pick guard for pearloid, and OH MY does it pop! I also Scotch-brited the back of the neck (c'mon PRS, STOP with the gloss necks!) and strung it with 9.5s (down from 10s) for a touch more slinkiness. Plays...
  2. tyfu20

    NGD.......more of a swap.

    Ok, so I bought a Eriza Green Semi Hollow CE 24 last year that was new old stock as it was a 2019 that had the 85/15 non-TCI pickups. Dug the guitar, but as I do from time to time, started wondering about the newer pickup version. Put the Eriza up for sale and was able to procure this 2021...
  3. Patrick Montgomery

    Private stock build - color identification

    Hey guys, I am putting together a private stock build and really want this kind of burl in this exact color. I haven’t been able to find this guitar listed anywhere to look up the color but it looks like some kind of glow. Do you guys have any ideas on what this color is called or where this...
  4. NoisyDante

    Time For Something New

    I decided to refinish my CU22 ‘Nebula’, primarily because I knew there were mistakes that needed correcting, but also because I really want a purple stained guitar. I can redo the nebula deal when I find a CE to refurbish, but I’d prefer the stain to be on the CU model. Anyhoo, broke out the ol’...
  5. Kalamazuu

    '97 Custom 24 - First PRS!

    Just got my first PRS! A 1997 Custom 24 After looking at a bunch I was going to get an S2, then came across this and it was quite a bit less expensive than most others I had seen so I jumped on it. I was quite nervous about the Wide Thin neck since there were no PRSs in town to try out, but I...
  6. AragonWingfoot

    Purple Iris

    The thing in the 2021 drop that stuck out to me most was the new color purple iris. I really like purple guitars, yet I can only find the little picture on the color on the prs website and nothing else. Anybody have any pictures they would like to share?
  7. Utkarsh

    Double Quarantine NGD Part 1: Purple Artist Custom 24

    This is a highly unusual NGD and as is usual with me, a verbose one. About four months ago, I had to travel to India for a family matter and have only today returned to Singapore. Singapore having some of the stricter quarantine laws around require me and my wife to self isolate in a dedicated...
  8. AragonWingfoot

    Purple Finish Fading

    So I’ve heard a lot about blue fading and seen what that looks like. Does anybody have examples of what a purple would look like when it fades. I have a Wood Library Purple mist and would like to “see into the future.” Thanks everybody!
  9. Utkarsh

    Video review of my new DGT

    Hi folks, Not really very active on the forum, though I have a bunch of PRSs (one 594, 3 513s, a Custom 22 (that's about to go) and a Custom 24). So after years of thinking about it, I spotted a DGT on sale in Andertons and got it. And I love it, it completely lives up to the hype. So excited...