1. G

    New Silver Sky Horizon Red Owner

    Dear All, I'm new on this forum. Since few month ago I decided to sort my guitar collection and have less guitars but more quality. 4 main guitars, 2 of them top quality/playability and other 2 for backup. So... I have a Gibson Les Paul R8 from 2021 and other Les Paul style/copy for "backup"...
  2. Utkarsh

    Video review of my new DGT

    Hi folks, Not really very active on the forum, though I have a bunch of PRSs (one 594, 3 513s, a Custom 22 (that's about to go) and a Custom 24). So after years of thinking about it, I spotted a DGT on sale in Andertons and got it. And I love it, it completely lives up to the hype. So excited...
  3. Ironwolf

    Paul's guitar, 2018 experience, pickup review

    Anybody ready to review their new guitar from the experience 2018 Paul's guitar? I'm interested in gaining more single coil tone for my Paul's guitar. It actually has been said on the forum there is Minimal difference between the single coil switch and the humbucker switch. That's my...
  4. T

    2018 PRS SE Standard 24 Locking Tuners

    Hello...I have searched the site and this is a widely discussed topic. I have a 2018 PRS SE Standard 24 and I love the tone (first PRS...not the last one guaranteed). I had SW put in a TUSQ nut installed after reading that there might be some tuning issues (on previous versions anyway). I now...
  5. C

    S2 Custom 22 vs 24.... 2017 vs 2018

    Hey all, This is my first post here! Just a little background to help with my question. I bought my first Squire at age 21. I played it for a year, sold it, and bought a brand new 1997 American Strat. After about six months, life happened (kids, wife, grad school, and no time for guitar)...
  6. Anaxes

    2018 PRS Core Models?

    I've been itching to get myself my first core custom 24! Slight problem is that I'm not into the current line of colors. Any idea when they get updated? I know PRS SE new models came out last October.