This or that.... Which one stays? *With photo now*

2022 Aquamarine CE 24 Standard 57/08 or Black S2 594 Thinline

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I just bought enough guitars so my wife lost track. Now it doesn't matter if I bring a new one in.
While I traded a guitar and some other stuff for the Silver Sky, I notice my wife eyeballing it and she finally recognized that I had two white PRS.

The means that if I do fall in love with the Fiore, and make a trade for one, it has to be white. :)
I dunno!?!? Swap the pickups and then keep the S2 594 Thinline with 57/08's, maybe??? This is tough--the S2 594 Thinline is a rather compelling piece, but 57/08 pickups are among the best ever.