ce standard 22 24

  1. tyfu20

    This or that.... Which one stays? *With photo now*

    This would have been so much more fun if Imgur would play nice and let me upload photos. Just got an Aquamarine CE24 Standard with 57/08s and have a 594 Black Thinline with amber lampshades. Both mahogany bodies, pattern thin. Differences are scale length, bridge, glossy vs satin neck, 57/08's...
  2. Cris_mas

    Prs Standard 22 v/s Ce 22 hog v/s Ce Mapletop. Which one?

    So, finally i have a small chance to buy a "holly grail", but i have been thinking how different they are from each other since i have no chance to play them where i live (Prs's are scarse here) so i will have to import. My question is, which one is better suited for me? I play many different...