They changed the Vela neck pickup?!?


Naughty Wood Librarian
Jan 9, 2015
Wilmette, IL
Stumbled on this on the 'verb. It's not even on the official site. Wild!

Hmmm. Been thinking about a black satin version too. Tempting. Hopefully they make the neck hum free someway somehow.
I’m sorry I clicked on the link. Satin Vela’s are up to $1499?

Yep. Alll across the board they have gone up. A Vela is now in the price of an American professional strat/tele range. Which is fair to me given how incredible they are.

Mildly off topic here, but, yeah, the Satin S2's are so good. After some soul searching, I must admit, my Satin 22 hangs with my Core models, tonally. Granted, I put a Mann bridge and 59/09 bridge pickup in it, but, still...

Interested to see what's going on with those new pickups though. Tried to adjust the pole pieces on my Studio, to no effect, so maybe we're just getting rid of the fluff.
I don't say this with direct knowledge, but I remember reading somewhere the second row of pole pieces are for looks. Doesn't mean it's true but that's what I remember reading on the internet..

I agree, I personally wouldn't have messed with it as the neck pickup is one of my favorite things about Vela but looking forward to reports.
I knew Vela’s went up, like everything else. But the satin was always the least expensive one. GC had a really cool cherry sunburst one that hung on the shelf for close to a year. At one point, it went on sale for $999. A couple months later, $899.

I have no question that the guitar is worth $1500, but after $900 just 2 years ago, that’s a tough pill to swallow.

But then again, I see Mesa amps going for more used, than I paid for that model brand new 5-6 years ago. So I understand that the whole world is nuts. Maybe the upcoming recession will bring used gear prices back down to something more reasonable. But I’ve been looking for one or two more amps for 2 years now and when you don’t need something, paying 30-40% more than it was is just something I don’t need to do.