s2 vela

  1. Ovibos

    They changed the Vela neck pickup?!?

    Stumbled on this on the 'verb. It's not even on the official site. Wild!
  2. T

    S2 McCarty 594 Thinline vs S2 Vela

    Hey guys I’ve been seriously debating between these 2 guitars and am having a hard time deciding. I love the S2 Vela’s tone because it has a vintage rock/tele sound and I love both country and 80’s. On the other hand the McCarty seems to still come close to playing tele like sounds in certain...
  3. L

    Is the Vela SH balanced?

    First of all. Sorry about my bad English. First post here... I tried a Vela solid body the other day and was really impressed. This one crosses many of my boxes. Want to buy this guitar, but preferably the SH version. Have my eye on the charcoal semi-hollow satin 2020. Having owned a neck...
  4. adhurdler

    S2 Vela Satin - Cleaning

    What is safe to use on the satin finish?
  5. adhurdler

    S2 Vela Factory Strings

    What gauge strings come on a 2017 S2 Vela (Vintage Cherry Satin?) I heard they were 9.5's but I see many posts indicating they are 10's.