1. Y

    Parallel Axis Distortion + Blues Saraceno on my PRS SE Custom 24 Floyd

    Just upgraded the pickups on my PRS SE Custom 24 Floyd from PRS 85/15 "S" pickups to Seymour Duncan Parallel Axis Distortion + Blues Saraceno. I know that Blues Saraceno pickup is originally designed for the bridge position, but I installed it on the neck position because: 1. It was really...
  2. fmiranda2809

    SE Standard 24-08 Wiring Diagram

    Hi, Does anyone have the se standard 24-08 wiring diagram?? in the website there's only for custom version. Regards
  3. V

    Splitting / tapping pickups 2008 semi hollow which has no coil split

    I have an SE Custom semihollow which I bought in 2008. It pre dates when PRS added the coil split to this model. It has zebra humbuckers, 3 positions, no coil split or tap. I'm trying to research whether it is possible to reverse engineer a coil split or tap, and which one would be better. Any...
  4. guitargeek62

    Closest pickup to…

    …a Paul’s Guitar? I’ve got a core one and love it, but I’ve also started my own scratch-builds again and would like to try similar electronics in them. Funnily enough, of all the guitars I’ve played and owned I’ve yet to try any mini-humbuckers or firebird types, and I’m assuming the PGs might...
  5. N

    PRS 58/15 LT "S" pickups

    I have these pickups in my '21 PRS S2 McCarty 594. They sound terrible! Very muddy. On coil split the volume drops of about 50%. I see the pots and pickups are made in Korea. Seriously? Very disappointed. This guitar is not inexpensive. Supposed to be a "USA" guitar. I also noticed a...
  6. S

    TM pickups to TCI

    Sorry if this is has been asked and may seem obvious. I found a late 2019 custom 22 I wanna buy however it has TM pickups but I would like TCI pickups. My question is: will that a be a direct swap? I can’t find if TM has split coils but I wanna make sure the guitar has the hardware to make...
  7. F

    Output from both pickups regardless of switch position (SE Standard 24).

    Bought used on Marketplace. Regardless of the switch position, I am getting output from both pickups. I’ve tested this with a screwdriver. Tone pot works, coil split works, volume pot works. I looked at the wiring and it doesn’t look like it’s been modified at all. Anybody know what the issue...
  8. A

    PRS SE Standard 24 Pickup upgrade

    Hi I have got PRS SE standard 24 few months back. It plays great and smooth. Only thing I would like to change is the pickups. I use VOX practice amp to practice normally. And both of them together give me a very trebly sound. There is lack of bass. The pickups have clarity but are not suited...
  9. stankbank

    59/09 in an SE 245? Is it a worthy upgrade?

    I recently got a 245 SE guitar - I absolutely love it! It plays very well and its become my go to 'everyday guitar'. I was never a person to replace pickups in guitars - literally have never done this. I currently play through a Fractal Audio FM9 Turbo, into stereo studio monitors (Yamahas). I...
  10. KoreanDrama

    PRS 58/15 LT vs Suhr Thornbuckers

    Hey guys, I've been eyeballing a pair of 58/15 LT, that have been put out for limited release at a few retailers, put into a Strandberg and wanted to get everyone's take on the 58/15 LT as far as tonal characteristics and how they are when coil split. I currently have a pair of Suhr...
  11. gpdb

    PRS Explains Pickup Design - I was right!

    I'm so happy PRS released this information to the public in their latest video: I wrote an article earlier this year explaining what I believed was PRS's TCI process (link: https://guitarpickupdatabase.com/prs-tci-pickups-explained/). Every time I heard Paul describe how pickups have a...
  12. J

    new generation prs pickup swap requirements

    hello: i have an older ('93) prs that i changed the pickups years ago, including adding a three-way switch in place of the rotary and adding a coil split switch on the tone pot. the sound i really like is the old, classic low-output paf sounds of the late 50s (think 'burst). after buying a...
  13. Ovibos

    They changed the Vela neck pickup?!?

    Stumbled on this on the 'verb. It's not even on the official site. Wild!
  14. E

    How to wire 85/15S pickups with US electronics

    Hi everyone, I have a PRS SE Custom 24 I want to upgrade however I walk into some problems and I hope you can help me. I have this US electronics set now in my guitar and will keep on using the PRS 85/15S picksups I already have. These pickups have a black, red, green and white wire (the green...
  15. Y

    Switching options on PRS SE Custom 22

    Hi, I have a 2018 PRS SE Custom 22, and was wondering which coils are active in the 85/15 S pickups when using the push/pull. I've tapped a screwdriver on the pole pieces and it seems both the screw and slug coils are still active in each pickup when split? What's going on?
  16. gpdb

    PRS TCI Pickups Explained

    Hi everyone - Ever since the TCI nomenclature came out, it's been incredibly confusing to follow. From many posts I've seen on the internet about it, it seems that a lot of other people were confused too. So I did a bunch of research, and I think I've written a clear and concise article...
  17. D

    58/15 Pickup wiring colors different between Bass and Treble

    Hi, I've bought some S2 pickups for my SE Standard 22 but the wire colors are different from Bridge to Neck, and the info available online doesn't match with what I have. I think they are 58/15S pickups from a McCarty 594. Most of the posts I read only talk about 3 wires. The Treble pickup...
  18. E

    58/15 vs. 58/15 LT vs. 58/15 LT+

    This is purely a curiosity post, but as I understand it, the LTs were developed from the 58/15’s utilizing a lower wind. PRS claims they have different EQs as well. So if the 58/15 is a “higher-wind” version of the LTs, then what the hell is the 58/15 LT+? Still less winds than the 58/15 but...
  19. J

    My First Core Purchase Advice

    Hey everyone just looking to get some advice on buying my first Core model. For the last few years I have been rocking a 2018 PRS SE CU24. I wasn't crazy about the 85/15 pickups in them as they seemed a little dull with a lack of definition in the low end. I ended up replacing them with Rebel...
  20. E

    85/15 TCI Dissection, troubleshooting, wiring help

    Long post alert! Please bear with me Hi everyone, First post here, but I’ve perused this forum endlessly before joining. Excellent insight to be had. Good company. I am a PRS pickup hoarder, and scored a set of 85/15 TCIs last month. I was working on installing them in one of my Les...