The UpChuck Pickup mod! PTC Swamp Ash Special Narrowfield Super Conversion

What do you think of my SAS Conversion by the PTC Team.

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The mini toggle is as follows. All the way to the rear = Full Humbucking of all coils), Middle position = 1 Narrowfield activated (Rear), Forward position = both Narrowfields are in parallel.
The Tone knob is a phase push pull.
The Five way is as it came from the factory thereby having the rear on in position 1 and 2.
That is a great MOD !!!! and killer color on that one also
Great collection !!
Honestly, if you have to hear how good it sounds. I haven't been this excited over a guitar sound in a long time. It is something akin to hearing a Dimarzio Super Distortion for the first time when I was a kid. Or when I purchased my first PRS in 1993, which is a CE24 maple top (panted gold/gold top), I didn't even plug it in at the store. However, when I got home and plugged it in, the sound of the HFS gave me goosebumps!!!!

It is similar in the regards that it was so unexpected, even though it was a calculated risk.


Holy cowbells Batman! One of your guitars looks like one of my guitars. Now I have to go make sure mine is where I left it. hahahaha

Wooops..... I am busted!!!

The Swamp Ash Studios and the Swamp Ash Specials are some of the best sounding guitars PRS has ever built. John Mayer was hooked on them, in the beginning the way I understand it.
However, I always wanted to throw a Tremonti or a \M/ pickup in one of my SA Studios, so that I could have a more aggressive sound.
Hence, I decided to try and go all out with my PTC conversion.
I no longer have a desire to change pickups in them.

BTW - If you look at my pics, I have a Swamp Ash CU24 that PRS built for the 2013. It is 1 of 30.

Swamp Ash bodies and Maple bodies are the bees knees. Who says that????? LOL
Super cool PTC project! I'd love to hear some clips of this, running through the pickup options. Very cool man.
Thanks dudes. It wouldn't do it justice for a sound clip. Besides, would I load it up like a picture from photobucket?