The UpChuck Pickup mod! PTC Swamp Ash Special Narrowfield Super Conversion

What do you think of my SAS Conversion by the PTC Team.

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Dec 2, 2012
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The Up Chuck Pick Up modification

Now available as an option for swinging hip guitars!!!

Wow............. Thank you to the PRS PTC Team! Thank you Matt King!
You took my dream/idea and made it into reality!!!!!

However, if it had actually turned out to be a bad dream, I had nothing to do with it!!!! LOL
I mean, after all, More Pickups = More Better!!!!!!!

That said, I originally came up with this idea to remake my PRS SAS guitar (Scarlet Red with black fade edges, Flamed neck and fretboard), into something unique, beautiful, and totally playable. However, it doesn't mean a thing if it doesn't sound good.
I didn't want to "muck up" a guitar, let alone my beloved Swamp Ash Special.

I wanted to put another pickup into the rear Narrowfield position, to give the rear a bid more gain and to reduce some of the brightness, without sacrificing the original sound.
My reasons were.
  1. Move the pickup closer to the rear and to get a bit more bite, but not so far as a Santana per say.
  2. The second rear narrowfield pickup would be closer to the middle position, and thus the 2 inner coils (out of all 4) are now in the same position as the original rear Narrowfield. Therefore, I can still have a sound that is reminiscent of the original pickup.
  3. The resistance of 2 narrowfields strung in series would equal, roughly, a mid gain type of 1 humbucker. ( I know there is other factors than just DC resistance, but, you get the idea).
  4. Vice versa, the 2 narrowfields in parallel, would make them "Split".
  5. The equivalent 1 Humbucker magnetic field (all 24 pole pieces), is spread out over a larger area (double), and does not "pull" down as hard as a single humbucker in a small area of the string.
  6. The pole pieces are now doubled, and focused over a larger path of the string, resulting in capturing more "samples" of what the string energy's energy/motion is actually doing. In other words, a CD is sampled at 44.1K, however, it sounds much "smoother" at 88.2 (96K or the like). The extra magnetic field also dampens the strings slightly, attenuating some of the highs (again brightness).
  7. I believe this to be similar to my 408 Rear Pickup that I have in my PRS 408 Brazilian NECK and Fretboard (Very few of these were made). It captures a larger "field of view" with the larger pickup.
  8. Mine differs in respect that it kept the tight "focus" of the narrowfields' 24 poles, however, covering roughly the same "field of view" as the 408 with only 12 poles.
  9. The extra pole pieces, and greater slices of the string (so to speak), have resulted in a "fuller sound".
  10. The mini toggle is as follows. All the way to the rear = Full Humbucking of all coils), Middle position = 1 Narrowfield activated (Rear), Forward position = both Narrowfields are in parallel.
  11. The Tone knob is still active. However, it is a push pull type so that it brings the rear pick up out of phase. What a sound!!!!!!
  12. Lastly, I had them paint it Solar Foil. My favorite color!!!!!
How does it sound? The rear pickup sounds so good that it left everyone who played it speechless.
I know........we all say that. However, I have around 30 PRS guitars. From Private stock to the original Miras (LOVE the original MIRAs)

The pickup sounds as though you threw a preamp on it, slightly compressed, less highs (Not "reduced" just not as bright/spikey) and FULL of Harmonics. I honestly did not expect the Harmonics. Pinch Harmonics are a can't help but to hear them. I realized that by putting as many pole pieces in the rear, you don't have to be exactly "on top of " a Harmonic spot.

Plugged into a Archon, with one narrowfield on, it rocks as usual. However, you go to the rear, and holy cow.......forget the number "11" Nigel!!!!!!!!!!

When Matt and I talked, this is the only pickup and resulting guitar pickup ring that PRS has made.
I would bring it to the next Experience event, however, I would have to receive permission from PRS.

Lastly, I am a very proud to own this guitar. I wanted the PTC Team to sign the guitar, so that everyone who sees the guitar, knows the names of the people that were involved in making an unique and beautiful instrument. I am just as proud of them, their skills, and their commitment to the customer, as to the actual guitar.

Thanks again for making my dream into reality.
The PTC TEAM Rocks!!!!!!!

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Ok try this - Again, the post title should have been UpChuck PickUp.

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Thanks dude.

BTW - Is that a home movie media clip???? Yikes!!!! The pink really brings out your eyes.

(laughs evilly)
BTW - Is that a home movie media clip???? Yikes!!!! The pink really brings out your eyes.
Really, you don't recognize Monty Python, even when they mention the name of the movie in the subtitles?

Seriously, well played, sir, I've dreamt a field of pickups like that. How's it wired?