Se Swamp Ash Special


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Apr 7, 2023
Those of you with an SE SAS, I’m curious what your set your middle pickup height to? I’m finding my pick is catching on the middle pickup a bit with some od my picking and maybe something I need to fix with my picking technically though I also have a Silver Sky and mo issues mostly cause the single coil pickups are spaced a bit further. Anyway curious if any of you lowered the AS-01 a bit?
Bumping this thread, as I'm having same issue. I have several guitars with middle pickups, and it's never been an issue. Plus I use a Jazz III pick, and have a pretty shallow picking technique. I tried lowering middle pup but it's very limited. Frustrating, as I love the SAS but it's a struggle to play.
Yea it’s very limited how much it can be lowered. I wonder if that’s just this particular pickup or if any single coil couldn’t be lowered much in this guitar. I also figure my picking style might be a little too aggressive or deep potentially and something I could just work on fixing. My Silver Sky I don’t have an issue as I have a bit more room since it’s all single coils. And my middle goes just a little bit lower on it. I’ve never owned an HSH before this so maybe it’s just common and you gotta get used to it, which is fine.
It took me a couple of weeks, but fairly quickly I adjusted my right hand positioning ever so slightly and now rarely make contact with the middle pick up. Honestly, I don't even think about it any more, and even when I jump over to it directly from playing a 2 humbucker guitar I'm just subconsciously making the adjustment
I hit it a bit bud adjusted to it like post above....I used to lower it on strats but it's not too bad on the SAS...