Is a Swamp Ash body Rare

Sorry. It was late when I posted and early this morning... I had the wrong tag saved on my phone. It is still a light guitar but yeah, not swamp ash.

I'm really embarrassed but I can't find how to delete this thread.. Sorry for wasting ya'll's time.

Any reason to post a picture of a PRS for everyone else to drool over is a good one!

And I started my re-entry into forum with some dumb comments in the Private Stock Friday thread about a month ago because I hadn't had enough coffee yet and was also starting work, meaning I had lot's of excuses to really say that I wasn't paying attention and posting before thinking. I wanted to delete them at the time.... but that somehow felt worse.

Let the record stand that you and I are both human beings. :cool:
Fairly Recently (Not Sure Exactly)...But Much, Much Later Than 2000.

Google is failing me to find the year that the Wood Library was created.... but this article from PRS is 2015, so it's at least that far back.


There Are Heavier And Lighter Pieces Of Wood In All Wood Types. Sounds Like A Really Cool Guitar.
I love mine but it’s heavy af! I replaced the stock tuners with the locking replacements with MOP buttons and that made a difference than I thought in the overall weight.
It’s still a heavy bugger. The neck with the big fret wire takes a little getting used to so I switched to a hybrid set of strings. I think I have it dialed in.
Great looking guitar, swamp ash or not! You can change the title and the content of each of your posts, so although you can not delete it, you can modify it to be accurate!! To edit the title, click on the drop down next to the "Watch/Unwatch" button in the upper right area of the original post and choose "Edit thread". A box will pop up and there you can change the title. You seem to know how to edit the posts ;~)) Congrats on the new baby!!!
And won't be your last! Get the best one that's in budget because there will always be more..
Oh... I'm sure of it.
Budget is a non-issue...
I just wanted my first 'real' PRS to be more...'traditional'. It's definitely something I can see being in my collection.

I have a cooling off rule for gear purchases; for that kind of coin.
With my'll be gone before/if I commit.