Pickup change coming to my SE Swamp Ash Special.....

I'd pull the stock ones too... I did a ton of swaps in my core SAS. 5708 killed! Interested to hear about D2. I'm on the fence, part of me says may work another part not so much. The D2 are that way for me anyway.
Greetings all - question for anyone who has swapped out pickups in their Swamp Ash SE: what did you use? did it improve your tone? if so, in what way, specifically?

Would love to hear your relevant experience, please. You can stop here and answer, or read on for my long winded story...

so, I have a McCarty 2003. The stock neck pickup, when used in single-coil mode, is THE best sounding neck tone I've ever played. SRV, Hendrix, etc. I took it to a studio where they wanted that "strat neck" tone; engineer looked puzzled, until he heard this thing. Amazing tone. The bridge, however, had too much high end; it was GREAT for open chords at low gain, but for lead solos? too much treble. Swapped in a SD JB with more midrange, and now it's one of my favorite guitars. But it lacks: trem, and the "in-between" strat tones that I often need.

Then along comes the SE Swamp Ash: it's got the pickups that (I thought) would give me the tones I need, plus a trem, AND a great price? bought one, it plays great, seemed to be a perfect gigging solution. But I am finding the tones less than useful. Interested to hear what others have done, and how it worked out. thanks!
Hey RF,
I have no desire to change the stock pups in mine, they sound great and different from anything else I own. Have you tried adjusting the pup heights, the treble side and bass side are independent so each side can be adjusted depending if you want more or less bass or treble
I swapped my stock SE SAS pickups with 85/15 TCI. Tone improved, less muddy and more like my 2015 core Custom 24 with the older non-TCI 85/15 pickups. Not saying the swamp ash and custom 24 sound the same, just that the SAS got better. I also added a 6 position Freeway switch, changed the pots to Bourns and tone to Push-Push because the pots are flush to the body on the SE making the pull difficult. Lifting the split knobs on a core are easier because you can get your finger under the knob due to the depression routed into the cores. I added lampshade knobs too. I added PRS locking tuners and swapped to a Mann brass tremolo setup also. The guitar is brighter than stock, but since I did all the mods at the same time I can’t say exactly what change was made from just the pickup swap.