Is there/Will there ever be a 24 Fret SAS?


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Feb 20, 2024

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I've had several PRS guitars over the years, inc a Swamp Ash Special from the late 90s. This guitar was one of my absolute favourites and I was very sad to sell it many years ago. Although the recent release of the SE SAS models was a welcome sight, I find myself more drawn to 24 fret guitars these days (many of the pieces I play use those last two stripes). So my question is;

Has there ever been, or will there ever be, a 24 fret Swamp Ash Special? SE, S2, CE, Core or otherwise....
I honestly have no idea about the design choices behind the 22 fret direction. I just know I'd love to have a 24 fret maple neck SAS. There's just something super appealing about it to me. There are other options out there of course, but PRS trems are the best (imo) and the overall quality and feel is very difficult to find elsewhere (again, imo).
While not a true SAS, there are swamp ash Custom 24's (swamp ash body; no maple cap) floating around.

Too bad PTC doesn't do much on the mod front anymore, as I would just suggest getting one of those and have the PTC at PRS route for a middle singlecoil and voila....SAS 24.
I’d guess that a Wood Library could get you pretty close. With the WL (sorta) CE24s, perhaps working with a dealer to put that together would get you there. It’d be HH, but pretty close.
I'm really intrigued with TheToneGeek's CE24 semi-hollow, where he added that middle pickup.... he was after Mayer's Dead&Co tones. I'd be more interested in quacky 2 & 4 position tones, and some other unique versatility. But, I think a CE24 with a 3rd pickup would be awesome.