The UpChuck Pickup mod! PTC Swamp Ash Special Narrowfield Super Conversion

What do you think of my SAS Conversion by the PTC Team.

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Ok. I need more cowbell.

Great room! I'm especially digging the maroon Festivus Pole! :)
That pole is what I use to practice dancing with.....I buy all my guitars with single dollar bills. :D
Plus , it's really great cardio.

Not that I'd know anything about that. Or do I? Naw, I don't. Then maybe again...who knows? I know. Maybe I read it somewhere.
How does it sound?
With all those magnets, you could hang your guitar to the refrigerator!!!!

I had a Studio, and the mahogany body/neck along with the rosewood board, didn't give me the same tone as the Swamp Ash/maple combination. It wasn't bad, it's just that I had similar sounds with my CU24s (minus the narrowfields) .
I like the Swamp Ash/Maple combination so much that as soon as I saw the Experience CU24 Swamp Ash/Maple, I had to get one. Those are rare as they only made 30.
Haha, well that was a photoshop I did back in 2010 when the Narrowfield McCarty was introduced. Back in the Birds and Moons days. Someone commented how much space there was with only 2 narrowfields and wondered how many you could fit under there. I didn't think about making one ginormous pickup ring though, you might be able to fit a 6th one.
Ok. I will get to one by Christmas......LOL. Trust me, after you see me play, you'll regret wanting a video!!!
Thanks guys. You have to hear how good this sounds. The rear pickup is full of harmonics. When I go from 2 coils, to all four (in series), it is like you kicked a preamp on. It really does sound good. Ask Matt at PRS customer service for his opinion.
There was this other cool one they did this one time. :D


Yours has the cool one-off pickup ring though.

These are amazing.

Soon we'll be in Nigel Tufnel 'Mr. Horsepower' territory. Bet you could do even more than his bc narrowfields are smaller.

John Mayer came over my house and said that my guitar was the best ever, minus the Les Paul in Spinal Tap. LOL !!!!!