NGD - Se Swamp Ash Special modded


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Apr 7, 2023
Hey all,

Wanted to show my new guitar that I had modded at Black Mountain Guitar in AZ.

Mannmade bridge
Locking tuners
Electric Ed pickups
Luminator system

I had the guitar wired kind of like a McCarty 594 for the 3 way. So front is neck, mid is neck+bridge, and rear is bridge. When you pull the push pull pot it activates the single coil in all positions. With the luminator touch capacitive switch activated in “terminator” mode it splits the humbuckers and leverages a 250k pot to get closer to strat tones. In this mode the front is neck with the north single coil, middle is split neck and split bridge (north single coil of both positions), and bridge is split single coil (north coil). Again with the push pull pot enabled in this mode it adds in the middle single coil in all positions. It sounds fantastic and super versatile.

When you plug the guitar in the Luminator switch is blue by default.

I just ripped an hour through mine...stock...and I honestly like it as much as my US made PRSi....diggin the neck and bolt on feel they're awesome guitars OP!
So fine! Gorgeous and the luminator touch capacitive switch is a nice touch!