SE McCarty 594 neck pickup issue


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Jan 15, 2024
Hi all.

I can no longer use the full humbucking mode on my neck pickup for my 594. Split coil (pulling out the knob) still works. Randomly quit working. When I engage humbucker, I just have a faint sound.

See below for wiring photo, which sadly is a mess from the factory. Anyone have suggestions or a wiring diagram to help? Thanks!

I agree that is a bit messy in there.

In the first picture I thought the red wire running to ground looked suspect. It looks better in the closer picture. I am not seeing anything that is obvious. You may have to wiggle the wires around a bit while testing the sound to see if it goes in and out when moving any specific wire.
Did you buy it new? If so, it should still be under warranty. I'd suggest contacting the store you bought it from, maybe they can take care of it without you needing to send it to the PTC for coverage
Sounds like the negative wire of the neck pup is loose, maybe poor solder joint, shield? Engaging the split eliminates that half of the coil.
Thanks a bunch guys for the feedback, I appreciate it.

Unfortunately I purchased used, so don't have a dealer option.

I will give Jason's feedback a try and see if I can wiggle the wires while playing to uncover any clues...