PRS CE-24 Pickup Issue

Scott MacPhee

New Member
Nov 7, 2022
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, USA
A local shop has a used 2021 CE-24 semi-hollow for a decent price, and I am sorely tempted to pick it up. It is in like-new condition except for one issue: the neck pickup does not work correctly.

The neck pickup works in split coil mode (with the tone knob pulled up), but not in humbucker mode (with the tone pot pushed down). The shop owner was gracious enough to let me disassemble the guitar yesterday to see if I could find an easy fix. I could not see anything obviously wrong with the pickup, the wiring, or the pots.

When the guitar is plugged in, tapping a screwdriver against the pole pieces produces an audible click on both coils of the neck pickup whether the tone pot is up or down. If I strum a chord while the pickup is humbucking, I can get a faint, intermittent sound of the chord my depressing the pickup with my thumb and wiggling it a bit.

This one has me stumped. Any ideas? I do not want to spend a good chunk of money on this guitar only to find that it needs a new neck/bass pickup.