PRS DGT SE Muddy Tone / HX Stomp tone comparison

As an HX Stomp XL user, I can say that all of the stock presets are not great. Purchased presets might be good, but they definitely need to have the EQ tweaked to match your gear - but the best way to go about it is to build your own presets from scratch. If you're not sure how to go about that, I highly suggest Jason Sadites' YouTube channel, it's very informative.

Sounding good already. As a Stomp user (initially, have since gone Fractal) the biggest difference I experienced was using quality IR's. For example:
Leon Todd's free Marshall stack IR (TV MIX
Justin York's $1 Mesa 212 pack.
Any of these can make a massive difference in getting a great sound.

Knowing the signal path and levels also matters (usually the input should be around -20 to -30dB).

90k is really low for the input impedance, IIRC the default setting for the Stomp is 1M.
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Thanks to everybody for your suggestions. I'll keep experimenting.

@markd21 that would be awesome. I can record a sample with my guitar for comparison. I don't have that much experience with the HX Stomp tone modelling and effects in general, but I know the basics. I usually have a single preset that covers all 3 tones, cycling them using snapshots on one switch, and keep the two other switches to control custom parameters like solo boost + delay etc, but feel free to chose whichever approach you like more.

Knowing the signal path and levels also matters (usually the input should be around -20 to -30dB).

From what I see the HX Stomp input block does not have any input gain parameters except setting the input to instrument or line in levels. But it has a simple Gain block that can be put right after the input. When you say -20 to -30dB do you mean the level after the input, before other tone affecting blocks?