Wiring Questions for my Paul's


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Jan 23, 2024
I am a newbie. I have already made several mods to my Paul's SE via a couple of techs. Here is some history that led to the unusual wiring diagram linked below.
New Pickups were added as a start.
The new neck PU is a P-90 so no splitting...what to do with the mini-toggle, I decided to do a phase reverse. Love it.
I wasn't a fan of the split HB, so my bridge pickup mini-toggle was wired to switch between parallel/series. This added a little extra quack to the out-of-phase mode, but ultimately just made it even quieter, so I wasn't impressed.
Meanwhile, because I wanted some additional control, I had stacked concentric pots/knobs installed, Les Paul 50s wiring style.
Recently - because the previous tech made a mess of the cavity, I took it to a really good tech to clean it up and change the bridge mini-toggle to a blower/bypass switch. This makes the bridge HB bypass all controls including the pickup selector switch, it gets louder and super crispy, nice!

Most recently, I decided that managing 2 volumes and 2 tones was a bit fiddly with all the switches, so I decided to make more changes, and this time, I'm going to attempt to do it myself. I'm tired of paying techs just because I want to experiment with new configurations.

I'm going to change back to the stock volume and tone pots.
I'm going to change the pickup selector from a 3-way toggle to a blender knob.
Having single volume and tone knobs should allow me to run the blower mini-toggle after pickup selection, so I'm hoping it'll allow either/both pickups to bypass volume/tone.

Kind of a long story to get to today's wiring question - please see linked diagram below (couldn't figure out how to embed it here). I diagramed the existing as well as my best attempt at the new. So I could gameplan it, I also labelled individual wires with which existing ones I can/should keep vs needing new.
Q1 - grounding wiring, I added a ground wire from the volume to the tone pot, do I need this (the current wiring doesn't have that and online wiring diagrams are all over the place)?
Q2 - Any tips for how to determine which connectors on the pickup selector blend pot connect to which side of the sweep so I can get it installed the way I want (turn to the right for bridge PU, left for neck PU)?
Q3 - any other feedback?
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