Wiring question: Dragon 1 neck pup/Seymour duncan bridge, 3 way toggle no coil split. How?


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Aug 23, 2017
Well, that.
I had the rotary on, but got tired if it, besides, i do a lot of PU switching and don't really use the in between positions. So i thought, what the heck, let's keep it simple. Then I've forgot the Dragon 1 has 4 wires and suddenly also forgot which is which. All i want is to make the toggle work for neck, mid and treble PU so i'm not figuring out were to land, and if it was possible, to make the neck PU skip the tone control so only the bridge is wired to it (don't use it much either).
I saw the Santana Retro wiring and i will apply that once i figure out how to connect the wire taps on the toggle switch.
And, for the single coil tones i'm planning to get a Telecaster, so i'm not worried about loosing the coil spliting.

If anyone has done this, i would appreciate to illustrate me on how to do it well.
As a side note, but related, lately i'm feeling uninspired by my CE 22, but don't want to sell her, so I'm trying to improve and simplify the work, point a to point b so things just "work" without fiddling much. That

Edit: i've already done the mod, just left the coil tap out, following this schematic:

Figuring out the tone control thing now.
Thanks forum
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Tone controls are really simple. You solder a wire from the volume input (this is also where the switch output goes to) to the left hand lug on the tone pot. You solder the tone cap from the middle lug of the tone put to ground (can be the back of the pot).

Alternatively you wire the cap from the volume input to the tone control left hand lug, and solder a wire from the middle lug to ground. Works the same.

Want 50s wiring? Then instead of wiring from the volume input you put that wire on the volume output (the middle lug of the volume pot).

Good luck
Thanks guys, I've wired the tone pot straight to the bridge lug on the switch and fixed partially the tone i was getting. The simplified circuit gave me a new approach on the guitar. Happier man i am

Again, thanks forum. Love Ya