Need new electronics for SE 22 Standard.

Mike J.

New Member
Nov 14, 2021
I've got to replace the 3 way blade switch on this guitar. Been scratchy sounding from day one and yes, I've tried contact cleaner a few times.

It's actually starting to cut out when going from the bridge to the neck pickup. Figure I might as well get all new pots while I'm at it.

Saw a wiring harness at RS Guitarworks that looks like it'll do the trick but I'm open to other suggestions.

Thanks in advance.
can't go wrong with RS and switchcraft, measure the old ones to see if your guitar is short shaft (probably) or long shaft

you will need to lightly ream the holes larger going from asian to imperial pots, but it doesnt take much, just do it from top side down

-can buy the pots yourself and do the same wiring as well; capacitors are a bit controverisal in that specific ones do affect the tone of the curuit as a whole, but the value and accuracy are the main thing, witness core models don't use expesive old school caps.
(I have a non prs wired with paper in foil caps and it sounds great so I am on both sides of fence myself)
RS used to be my go to for electronics. These days I go with PRS parts, but RS is my next choice. It's the volume pot taper of both that I prefer.