Paul's Core split wiring on Paul's SE?


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Jan 15, 2024
As far as I can tell the main difference in wiring between a Core Paul's and the SE Paul's is that the SE does a full coil split to ground whereas the Cord uses a resistor to make the split incomplete.

Has anyone tried using resistors on the SE to see if the result brings it any closer to the Core version?
PRS uses resistors in lots of the guitars for split. There's a chart somewhere on the PRS webpage. They've also changed resistor values and method some over the years. Recently they've been using caps over resistor on some models.
Ah, I think I misinterpreted the diagrams before.

If I'm understanding it correctly now, the Paul's Core uses caps when split essentially similar to changing pot values more appropriately for single coils, while the Paul's SE omits this (whether for simplicity or because the different pickup design doesn't warrant it).

The S2 is using the resistor to ground for a tap instead of split.