Import 3 way blade to USA blade wiring


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Jan 14, 2024
Hey guys, got this SE Custom 24 in a trade but the factory import blade switch is bummed (common issue I hear?) I got a replacement blade switch but got confused with the wiring (mainly the 2 pickup grounds on either side of the switch body and the ground coming out of the red wire.) Wondering if anyone had a wiring diagram to switch the import switch to the USA one? I’ve included (hopefully) pictures of the switches for reference.


Whoever put the two pickup ground wires on opposite sides of the switch housing did it for the purposes of identification and/or aesthetics. It has nothing to do with function or schematic. There are two solder pads on the housing for ease of installation. The installer chose to solder one pickup to one side, the other pickup and switch ground to the other side. The metal switch housing is conductive so they are all essentially connected together.

I guess you'll still need a schematic of the switch itself. That switch can do some fancy things so you need to find the right schematic that has it working as a simple 3-position switch.

PRS has schematics on their website. Here's the one for your guitar:
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