PRS In Church?

last time i went the doorknob burned my hand.
Yeah... me too. Can't imagine why.

I gotta work on our 15+ song setlist...and be ready to crank it out...I'm the only electric player so I can't drop the ball.

God's not dead
Lion and the Lamb
The only name
My Jesus
Old Church Choir
God so Loved
Take it all
Your Love awakens me
How he loves
Reckless Love
This is amazing grace
Holy Spirit
How Great is our God

plus a few originals......

AND...The Middle by Jimmy eat

Right now I forgot everything...but my pedal settings are all saved...I'll play through the songs on spotify through the PA and in a few hours I'll be golden....I'll be ready to have a good band practice when we get it in.
I wish I could get back to that point.
Put me on bass, and I can chunk it out on the spot with some charts for the new ones. On guitar, I’m struggling to get songs down in the few days allowed.
I don’t play this week. The set list so far is:
Love So Great B
Holy Forever Db
A Thousand Hallelujiahs Db
To be determined…