PRS Hollowbody Appreciation Thread- or the Love of “Less is More”

Still one of my all-time favorites, Tom.


No real “air” inside these, still a great sounding guitar for the price:


These on the other hand have that “air” and is just a great guitar no matter the cost. I actually felt I overpaid until it arrived.


Then there’s this:


Errybody knows how I feel about these.
I’m kind of a “more is more” guy when it comes to PRS hollowbodies....some of the most versatile, comfortable and beautiful sounding instruments on the planet. Of course they are gorgeous too.

This one started it all for me. Abalone smoke burst, AP HB2, RW/BRW, PTC modded to dual splittable 57/08, one via switch, one via P/P vol know. Separate piezo/mag outputs as I always use separate amplification, and this makes it easy to go from a more realistic all acoustic to all out electric sounds, without any “blending compromises” (all my piezo equipped PRS have this modification).



More to come.....