PRS Hollowbody Appreciation Thread- or the Love of “Less is More”

I thought we already did that. Just look at them!

The 594 HB was instant love the first time I played one. It has everything you want, tone, playability, etc... but the one thing that instantly won me over was the comfort. It just feels like part of your body.
I tried a 594 HB II on a Friday, was obsessed with it by Saturday, brought it home that Monday.
My McSoapy and HB II's Love child ..gorgeous PS

That is just a whole 'nother level of gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing :D
I know there a lot of Megan Thee Stalion fans here, so I thought I would point out a PRS Hollowbody sighting from her second song on SNL this past Saturday October 15, 2022!! I am not sure which HB it is, but it appears to be thicker than the current HB or HBII models!!! I think it is a private stock but can not say definitively. Here is a montage of pix I captured from the video!!!!

I've had it 8 years , It is one of the rare Tony Nagy built Jaros Gatlinburg models with the MOP/Abalone DNA helix. The back matches the front , the neck is an exquisite mahogany 24 fret with a deep tennon that goes into the bridge. The pickups are custom Low wind Lindy Fralins, with coil tap, and an earvana nut and locking tuners. Similar to an HB II in many ways but there is a bit more mahogany body mass. I've considered parting with it at times when I see a Private Stock ..I suspect I will weaken as time goes on now that I know what they are like.
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Well, I just read through this thread AGAIN (@RickP fault for linking it from another thread), and am amazed at the wood on display here! Wish I could sit down with each and every one of these beauties!! I also have realized that I have not added my treasure to this thread, so here is the fabulous "Hoorman Gitfiddle", a 2021 McCarty 594 HBII!!!

<WARNING: This same material was posted in another thread about McCartys, but this guitar certainly belongs here as well!>

Front shot:

Front angle shot with Crazy Parts ebony knobs and dirty hardware:

Back side (the yellow streaks on the side are environment reflections):

Headstock with tuners and TRC stained by @docteurseb:

Headstock back:

I received this on Feb 10, 2021 brand new (build date of Jan 15, 2021) and have played somewhere in the range of 2,000 - 2,500 hours on it as of Jan '23! It is my daily player and although I LOVE my CU24's, for the moment this one wins based on lightness and tone match for my current material!! A wonderful sounding guitar, eminently playable and easy on the eyes!!!

If anybody ever has any black hardware (tuners, bridge/saddle, 58/15 LT pups, Ebony pup rings - crazy parts is out and can't say when available again, others I have found seem over priced) to fit this guitar, I am interested!

EDIT: BTW, this is a Wood Library build from Ish Guitars, so thanks to Jesse and his crew for putting this gem together! One of their PS builds is on the cover of this years PS calendar I believe!!
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