Quality issues with SE McCarty 594 fretboard


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Mar 16, 2024
Hello! This is my first post here and would like to hear thoughts on my first experience buying a PRS SE. I got the McCarty 594 model in Faded Black colour. In summary, I am already in my second guitar after exchanging the first one and both have more or less the same quality issues in the fretboard.

First model had a very rough finish next to the 5th fret. Like if they installed the fret, then removed it and damaged the wood slightly just outside the fret file when doing so. Guitar went back to the store and then I could get a second model after more than 1 month wait. This one was slightly better but still some quality issues were noticeable, glue residues in many frets, and slightly rough finish in one fret (similar to the first guitar but less prominent).

Everything else is pretty good, the finish, sound, electronics, set up, no fret buzz, good intonation, but it seems to me this particular model is suffering from similar fretboard issues. I'm tired of changing the guitar so I decided to keep the current one, even though I'm not entirely satisfied (and I kinda like the veneer from the first model more) since I like the guitar itself and the sound is great. Also considering this guitar costs 949 euros, if I compare it with cheaper models I also own, for example a Harley Benton with a roasted maple fretboard that costs less than half, none of them have any similar issues like this. I just feel the guitar does not meet the expectations for this price point in the fretwork.

Since I can't post any pictures, I actually stumbled upon an old thread, and some of the issues I have are pretty similar to the fretboard issues shown in this other post about a PRS Silver Sky model in the Neck / Frets section (I can't post links yet so just search for a thread called "SE Silver Sky Maple Quality Control Issues"), I would say my issues are less prominent and visible overall.

Please share your thoughts, would be nice to hear other's opinions and see if this is somehow a recurring and known problem with this model.
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