Please help me to choose PRS SE 245 or Akesson

Doruk Atay

New Member
Dec 22, 2015
Hi guys, Im a 16 years old guitarist from Turkey. I love to play British Heavy Metal and Thrash Metal genres. I am also a blues enthusiast. I am looking for a both smooth both solid guitar tone. I really loved PRS SE Fredrik Akesson. Some said the only difference between PRS SE 245 and Akesson is just the Fredrik Akesson name on the guitar. Some said it has a really different sound . A friend of mine said Akesson is better for small handed players ( i got small hands, even some girls have larger hands than me :) ) Can you help me to choose 245 or Akesson ? Or you can tell me the differences.
The biggest differences are the ebony fretboard on the FA vs rosewood on the 245 and the FA has a tonepro's adjustable bridge where the 245 has the standard SE wraparound bridge.
The Akesson is a great guitar EXCEPT the bridge .... It's a pita to adjust and requires a special tool. There are a number of threads about it if you search.
The 245 is simple and solid, but for heavier sounds, I recommend you check out the Marty Friedman model.... Basically the same build but the different pups will rock harder!
I have an Akesson, love it. I tried many 245's in search of a traditional Les Paul sound, but most of them sounded thin to me, I tried the Akesson just because it was there, and it blew me away. Thick, rich sound with lots of definition

Another huge plus, to me, is the jumbo fretwire on the Akesson, which you won't find on any other SE, and feels fantastic. Especially with the Ebony board.

Regarding the bridge, it took me a little getting used to when restringing, but it really isn't an issue now. If you get one, I could shoot you a quick video on how to string and adjust everything - respect to the post above, but I don't think it's hard to use at all. I think the Tonepros improves the sound, and also the locking studs keep the setup from drifting when you take the strings off, which can happen with the other SE's.

The Akesson is just a sexy guitar. Mine is the best SE I've laid hands on, without a doubt.
I prefer the specs on the Akesson but I'd have to change the TonePros bridge out. The locking studs are nice but the strings pop out of the grooves in the saddles.
Just what XJ, Andy and Serg said...Akesson is great IF you change out the bridge. Or prepare to curse with each string change!
What is your reason, do you know about the guitars sound ?

i have an SE 245 and it's an awesome guitar. playability, looks, everything about it makes it a great guitar. but it misses the punch and oomph i was searching for. that real les paul gut punch when you throw down a heavy riff
i absolutely do not regret buying it, but a couple of months later i played the akeson. that guitar knocked a lot of other ones i was trying that day out of the ball park. too bad i had insufficiant funds to buy it cause a couple of days later it was gone.

that's a heavy sounding guitar.