1. Going Modal

    Mira X a good idea in this case?

    I've got an idea/concept for a guitar featuring 59/09 pickups (either factory-stock or I will retrofit them) that goes a little something like this: 1. Double-cut body 2. Dual humbuckers 3. 245 scale 4. Stoptail bridge 5. Rock out...!!! Guitars that I know meet these criteria are Paul's Dirty...
  2. stankbank

    59/09 in an SE 245? Is it a worthy upgrade?

    I recently got a 245 SE guitar - I absolutely love it! It plays very well and its become my go to 'everyday guitar'. I was never a person to replace pickups in guitars - literally have never done this. I currently play through a Fractal Audio FM9 Turbo, into stereo studio monitors (Yamahas). I...
  3. stankbank

    SE 245 high e choking when playing open?

    Hey friends, This is my new SE 245. There is something about the high E string when playing open that sounds 'off' to me. As if it is not fully resonant. There is a ping or sound of 'muffling'. Maybe I am crazy–does this sound proper to you? I checked the action at the first fret (using feeler...
  4. Fullmoon 1971

    NGD – 2 False starts and a winner

    So some of you may have seen my post in @Boze-63 New Bernie owner – mods in the works thread. Where I order a third Bernie only to lose out on it. Long story - don't be afriad to jump to the pictures After seeing Boze's beautiful satin neck Bernie and having some money left over from the xmas...
  5. Going Modal

    Taller bridge-pickup mounting ring for Stripped 58?

    Hey, all-- I've got a Stripped 58 with 57/08 pickups that's pretty nice all-around (it's also previously owned by another member here, too!). However, in order for the pickups to be properly height-adjusted and balanced, the bridge pickup seems to be sticking up relatively high out of its...
  6. G

    buying a SE 245 , please some advise

    hi I have found a Paul Reed Smith SE 245 made in Korea in 2013 for 500€ second hand , in very good shape and a new s 245 on thomann online seller PRS SE 245 Standard TS for 499€ new made in Indonesia i guess ,not sure the made in Korea had a price about 800€ are there big differences in the...
  7. tyfu20

    Incoming NGD P90 style

    Got this Chris Robertson coming in for a ridiculous deal that could not be passed up. Already ordered amber lampshades and will put on the black Kluson style open back Hipshots that didn't fit my SE Paul's. Looking forward to the P90 growl!
  8. D

    What happened to the 245 trend?

    PRS had for a few years created the 24.5 scale necks for some of its models, but I guess 594 is the replacement scale for those models? I have little hands so 24.5 is ideal for me. I know the SE 245 still is produced.
  9. GavQuinn


    Got my 245 back from being refretted, so many pickups in and out of that guitar over the years, so much playing, expensive PAFs, Duncans, Custom winds, you name it. I’m coming home from work the other day, this comes on. And it all came back to me. This tone man, this is the tone that hooked...
  10. GavQuinn

    PRS SE245 Stoptail string gauge/intonation

    Hi Guys, I have my 2 SE 245 guitars set up with USA nuts, filed out for 11s. I did the intonation just fine as Paul said in the video, set the 2 E strings and sure enough, intonation has fallen into place. I did leave the bass side a bit flat at the 12th fret, this kept the lower strings...
  11. Trevin T

    Vintage style tuners for SE models

    This has most likely been discussed a thousand times in forums. So, I apologize in advance for any repetition! I’m looking to install vintage style tuners (Like what are some SC245, McCarty, new SE Zach Myers models) on my SE245. I’m at a loss. I’ve asked several “experts” and they tell me to...
  12. D

    Please help me to choose PRS SE 245 or Akesson

    Hi guys, Im a 16 years old guitarist from Turkey. I love to play British Heavy Metal and Thrash Metal genres. I am also a blues enthusiast. I am looking for a both smooth both solid guitar tone. I really loved PRS SE Fredrik Akesson. Some said the only difference between PRS SE 245 and Akesson...