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  1. P

    help me idenfity this prs se cu24 pls

    The serial number is s24452. No matter how much I search for information, I don't know the production year or manufacturer. i am desperate The color is exotic rosewood
  2. T

    PRS SE Intonation Screws

    Does anyone have an idea about the size of the intonation screw of a PRS Santana SE 2021? I unfortunately stripped off my Low E intonation screw but I managed to remove it so I am finding a replacement. I'd read in a PRS forum that it is a #4-40 but unfortunately, after ordering from amazon and...
  3. shimmilou

    SE Cu24 Mods, mini toggles

    Tried a set of SD Alnico II pickups, and didn’t care for the sound compared to the stock 85/15 S. Putting the stock 85/15 S pickups back in, but wanted to add covers, both for looks and for the subtle sound difference the covers add, slightly less edgy, just a bit smoother sound. While changing...
  4. G


  5. ShawnF1222

    Struggling With SE Hollowbody 2 w/Piezo - HELP

    I bought a SE Hollowbody 2 w/Piezo on line. It's a beautiful looking instrument but the piezo was overloading and the pickups are dark and uninspiring. It looks awesome and plays GREAT, but sounds eh. I think I have the piezo issue dialed back, but now those pick ups. They were adjusted very...
  6. ShawnF1222

    PRS SE Hollowbody 2 with Piezo - Attenuation Control for Piezo?

    New guitar to me and I am still learning the capabilities of this guitar. Is there an attenuation control for the piezo or just the volume knob? I was hoping to use the mix output but the piezo is wicked hot. If I could tame it, I could potentially dial in a mix. Still may be a way, but figure...
  7. ShawnF1222

    How would you change out pots on a SE HollowBody 2 w/piezo?

    How would you change out pots on a SE HollowBody 2 w/piezo? There's no control cavity in the back. Do you somehow fish through the F holes? Seems challenging. I imagine some would develop a tool, such as a modded coat hanger. The thing about imports is the build may be good but certain parts...
  8. A

    PRS SE Standard 24 vs Custom 24, PRS SE line all same quality? Current production (NOT Korea vs Cor-Tek)

    I am beginning to wonder whether the Standards have a few more corners cut or spottier QC than the Customs and if the quality of PRS SE is not constant but gets better when the prices get higher. Why? I read in reviews regularly that the Custom 24 has better playability and/or is an instrument...
  9. S

    Fret size of PRS SE

    Hi all, I was wondering if there are any PRS SE models with extra jumbo, or tall frets taller than regular medium jumbo? I have a PRS SE Santana from 2017 or 2018 I believe, and the frets seem to be fairly tall, taller than medium jumbo. I also used to own a PRS SE 245, and Zach Myers from...
  10. RicardoCarimas

    PRS SE Custom 24 difference

    Hello! I have been thinking about buying a prs se custom 24 for a long time. I have a SE EG with moon inlay. It appeared that the SE Custom 24 can also be found with moon or bird inlays. I apologize in advance if someone has already asked this question, but is there a major difference between...
  11. A

    PRS Phase III Tuners on SE SS

    I was looking for a way to mount the Phase III tuners on my SE SS without seeing the footprint from the previous vintage tuners. I came across these little mounting plates from Graph Tech. They are mount plates meant for the GT Ratio Tuners but worked well with the Phase III tuners. The only...
  12. Mozzi

    PRS SE DGT Demo from the very man himself...

    Anyone wondering if the SE DGT sounds good enough, listen to this... Sounded GREAT to Me!!
  13. guitargeorge83

    Kestrel SE

    Hi all. I play a Kestrel SE bass at my church and the worship leader has told me he has to turn me up on the board. The other bass player I rotate weekends with plays a Fender Blacktop bass but it doesn’t have active pickups. I’m trying to get help on what I could possibly do to maybe give my...
  14. Broseph

    Mark Holcomb SE Underrated

    I decided it was beyond time to have a guitar dedicated for downtuning. So I got a brand new 2022 MH for a great price. Absolutely killer SE. I’d say it’s up there with the SS SE for killer value and incredible pickups. The fact it has $300 pickups stock is absolutely insane. The knock on SE...
  15. j.a.

    PRS SE Zach Myers one month later

    It's been a month since I got the PRS SE Zach Myers and this are my thoughts on it: Pros: Sounds amazing, versatile, from Jazz to Rock including those 60's sounds Very comfortable to play, love the fat neck, as ergonomic as my Starla to play sitting down. Looks amazing, the matching maple...
  16. charvel1975

    2021 PRS SE Custom 24 Factory Treble Bleed?

    Hello I was wanting to know if my PRS SE Custom 24 came with the treble bleed from the factory?
  17. J

    Roasted maple neck finished or not?

    Hey I got a PRS SE Custom 24 a while back, its one of the models with the roasted maple neck. I can not tell whether or not the fret board is finished or not. Its getting rather dirty, that's why I ask but I wanna make sure I take care of it properly ya know?
  18. G

    Got my s2 Standard 24 Satin today, and it's awesome!

    I've been pretty happy with my SE custom, except for a few things. There was minor paint imperfections, Normal I guess for a made in indonesia guitar, the tone knob came slightly crooked. Turned out the stem holding the knob, came slightly bent, I don't know if its actaully bent or if it was...
  19. Utkarsh

    The Collection Part 3: SE Love time

    Hi all After the last two videos, which were er..on the indulgent side with Private Stocks and Modern Eagles and what not, I wanted to bring things back to reality with the SE part of my collection. Which I thoroughly love. I have always said PRS makes great guitars at any price-point and as...
  20. O

    PRS SE Paul Allender 2011 EMG not Solderless

    Bought a used Paul Allender SE and checked the pup wiring and it is already soldered, and emg's were supposed to be solderless after 2009. Is there a chance that the pups were replaced?