1. G

    Prs custom 24 wiring mod

    Hi folks, I recently purchased a core custom 24 wich I absolutely love. The only thing I’d like to change is position 4 of the switch wich I don’t use because it is too thin for me. I want it to be bass humbucker + treble single coil, so the exact opposite of position 2. What should I change in...
  2. M

    PRS Custom 24 SE Pickup Install Help

    Hello, I ordered a set of Mojotone PW Hornets and wanted to attempt to install them myself; however, I'm finding myself to be overwhelmed in understanding what's actually going on here. I have a basic understanding of pots and switches but have never installed pickups before and all the...
  3. D

    URGENT HELP NEEDED with Counterfeit Identification

    Hi everyone, So I am lined up to buy a PRS SE 245 standard off of OfferUp later today but the seller has no receipts and the serial number looks like it’s been rubbed off. Can anyone help me identify if this is a fake?
  4. P

    Need help identifying a PRS SE MODEL

    Seems easy off the cuff, but this guitar has been giving me the go around for awhile now. I work in a music shop and came across an 08 prs se custom 22. (seriel number IO4500) however, i cannot find record, or other examples of this exact guitar anywhere online to get an accurate idea of what...
  5. O

    What is this guitar?

    I have been offered this guitar at about 3k, I have been told is the custom 24 but I don’t know more about it and its not an exact match from the one on the website. I am going to go take a look at it and I wanted to ask if you think this is a good deal and what should I look for when checking...
  6. G

    PRS SE One Wraparound Mismatch Radius - HELP!

    Hi! I have a PRS SE One, my guitar tech changed its radius to 12 and installed Jescar 57110 frets. Now the problem is that the radius of its wraparound bridge is 10. And it is not easy to change its radius without causing problems with strings slipping in the grooves and making noises. So, I...
  7. M

    Silver Sky static through amp.

    Hi I recently purchased a new Silver Sky and I love everything about it. However, I noticed that when I run my hand along the body and neck of the guitar it causes a loud static that persist until I stop touching it. I tested my other guitars too try to replicate this issue but the Silver Sky is...
  8. J

    PRS CE-24 w/black satin neck help ID

    New to the Forums. I've had a PRS CE-24 w/black satin neck and a blue top for about a year. I picked it up local from someone and all I know is: 2018 CE-24 SN#: 18 260605 Is the black satin neck a limited run and I'm finding a little bit but not much on this guitar. Previous owner...
  9. AlexBohlin

    Help me choose!

    I'm having some issues deciding which guitar I want to go for. I do not yet own a PRS, but I've been actively researching them nearly every day for the past 8 months or so. I know all the models and how they work, but with that, it makes it even harder to choose. The only thing I know is that...
  10. C

    How can I make my PRS SE sound more like a Les Paul?

    Hi everyone, This year, I've gotten a guitar somewhere above "low end" for the first time. I got a PRS SE Orianthi signature. I really like everything about it, witb the exception of the bridge pickup. It has the SE HFS/VB pickups. The neck seems fine, and I'm aware of the displacement due to...
  11. Black-Viper75

    Help Me Choose Something New Amp Wise

    It’s been just over a month since my bar reopened and I’m back at work after a rough 15 month shut down by the pandemic and as expected I’m already thinking “save cash for new gear”. So I’ve started looking for something new amp wise and I could use some help. I got back into playing guitar...
  12. AlexBohlin

    Question regarding CE24 Semi-Hollow

    Heya, everyone! I'm kind of new to all the possible customizations available for PRS guitars and what you can and can't do outside of Private Stock and so on. I'm fairly certain I want my next guitar to be a CE24 semi-hollow in either amber or sunburst, but while browsing the web I found this...
  13. Anomaly

    Replacement Tuners for new Zach Myers SE?

    Hey all. I just bought a Zach Myers SE. brand new 2021 in blue. I’m looking to put locking tuners on it, but I’ve read so much conflicting information. A lot of folks says the Gotoh SD90 is a direct drop in, but then I read on here that they didn’t work for some people due to the size. Wondering...
  14. AragonWingfoot

    Fret Size Wood Library Hollowbody II

    I wasn’t able to find anything online about this, but what would the frets be classified as on my hollowbody II, as in medium, vintage, or jumbo etc..? Thanks for any help.
  15. R

    Can someone do me a favour? Neck measurements.

    I'm in the process of making complete 3D profiles of all the major neck profiles during lockdown for comparison between brands, and have moved onto PRS. Namely the Pattern Regular and Pattern Thin varieties. However none of the information online (even on the PRS neck profile website seems to...
  16. SaintTachyon

    Could someone help me with fixing the 3 way switch wiring in my 24SE?

    So about a month ago i bought a used PRS 24 SE in great condition with one exception... Both neck and middle selection on the three way switch select both pickups. The former owner claims he did no modifications to the wiring (he changed the tuners to locking gotohs and put covers on humbuckers...
  17. T

    Will PRS SE Clint Lowery sound good in standard tuning?

    Hello folks! So i'm a beginner/ kind of intermediate, been playing an acoustic for a couple of months, and want to buy my first electric. I don't have much knowledge about stuff, I was considering the PRS Custom 24, but found a really good deal for the SE Clint lowery signature model from a...
  18. P

    S2 Satin Neck Feels Sticky

    I got a brand new (from sweetwater) S2 Singlecut Standard Satin (they no longer make these) just a couple days ago, and when it was new, the neck felt sticky (it still does). It's not as bad as a gloss neck but its worse than my other satin necks, and when I slide my finger across the back of...
  19. Daniel Sorensen

    PRS SE C24 Pickup Position has no sound

    I just got the above mentioned guitar this past week, and the top switch position has no sound at all. I'm extremely new to guitars, so I have no clue what it could be. I have a cheap, old amp and cable that I'm using that were given to me 12 years ago when I was thinking about learning, so...
  20. Tony Hayek

    2018 PRS McCarty w/P90's, Too Muddy and Dark Sounding HELP!!

    Guys, is this what I should expect with my first PRS? Every thread since my purchase spoke of the Seymour Duncan PUPS being too muddy and I COMPLETELY agree, therefore I swapped them for Wolftone PUPS which helped, I put a blend of A2 & A5 magnets in the neck position and A2 magnets in the...