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Jan 21, 2015
Suburban Chicago
Storytime.....the Mrs and I are watching CBS Sunday Morning, as we do every Sunday, and there was a segment about Regrets. Sure, it was all about relationship regrets, like you missed out on a chance with someone because you weren't brave enough to tell the other person how you really felt. That type of thing. That sets the stage for the rest of the story.

So, as I told the tale in the "What was your first PRS" thread, my first PRS was a brand new '97 Angry Larry McCarty that I bought in either '97 or '98 (a little foggy on the year). It was love at first site! Unfortunately, in 2000 we were faced with an unexpected tax bill that we didn't have the money to cover completely. I buckled down and sold the McCarty. It wasn't until 2007 that I grabbed another PRS (used 2004 Cu24), and you all know I've rolled through a bunch (maybe 50) since then. Sure, there are some that I look back on and think that I should have hung on to this one or that one. But, it was my choice to move on from all of those. I didn't HAVE to.

Watching the Super Bowl Sunday night that Regret segment crept back into my mind. I grabbed the iPad and hit up Reverb looking for a '90s McCarty. There were a few good deals ($1,600 - $1,900) that I put on the Watch List. Wasn't really hittin' my feels. Loaded up another round of bravery (Manhattan), and went back to searching. I came across a great looking '98 McCarty and decided to have a closer look. Oh my, Rosewood neck! Fair price. Maybe I offer a little lower. Well, then I read the listing which included things like "my late husband" and the name of the shop was a name followed by College Fund. Ok, I would feel like a heel if I offered lower, so I bought it. Of course, being a little cynical, I Googled her name, and found an obit from 2021 for her husband. Just easing my fears. You never know on the internet these days.

Anyway, she was very nice to deal with. Communicated before she shipped. When she dropped off. Even sent a message the day it was out for delivery asking me to let her know ASAP if it arrived safely as she was scared of shipping damage. I thought that was sweet. It did, indeed, arrive safely late Wednesday afternoon with the best packaging job I have ever seen. Opened the goodness Thursday AM. Glorious guitar. Just a touch of buckle rash on the back, and not another mark on it. No chipped edges. No gouges on the top. Just about perfect. I say just about because it does need some upgrades, which are on the way. Those include gold locking tuners, gold stop tail, 57/08s, and, of course, amber lampshades! As a bonus unrelated to this guitar, I saw on IG yesterday that Mojotone/Lerxst Amps are releasing another batch of Alex's new By-Tor pedal. Snagged one of those, too. The original limited batch of 500 sold out quick. Some moron had one listed on Reverb for $2112.00

Enough of my usual stammering. Here she is...1998 McCarty 10 top with RW neck. This one I'll keep!




I hope you gave him a Bangin’ in private…..

Not a Santana, no "Bangin'"! I think "Noice" was generous on his part considering history and infatuation with a specific model layout ;~)) He probably did not use the "trash" description because Bodia is on his "Santana or GTFO" team (which I am sure you recite to self every morning when you look in the mirror)!!!