How To Post Photos - 2024 and Beyond Edition

I completely understand a company not wanting to take on that kind of exposure and risk. Some yahoo uploads child porn to their servers, they don’t know about it, and next thing you know they’re getting subpoenas and e-discovery demands from a DA. It’s a stupid risk to take when it’s not something at the core of your business, you don’t have the staff to monitor it, and there are simple alternatives available.

Acting like children isn’t going to change it.
Well said!
Just wondering why the forum is still using an imaging host service? On another forum I'm on, you simply click on the "image" link, open the image from your computer files, and insert it. I readily admit I have no technical knowledge of this stuff. All I know is after two clicks with no copy/paste efforts, the image is in my post.

EDIT - I just saw post #9 in the "Has Something Changed..." thread, which seems to answer this question. Not sure why the two forums handle "copyrights" differently, but my question is answered.
Yeah, It is a drag. I have some nice photos of my new Esteban acoustic and some pics of my vintage Univox.
Not going to lie - “imgur” is a vile, piece of garbage. Tried. I did. Could NOT be arsed to use it - presented with racist, misogynistic crap instead of even getting to my image. Why?

I am outta here.

Paul Reed Smith forums is stuck in the past.