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Feb 12, 2021
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EDIT (2024May30): User @d^rren asked if anybody can use the "Media" tab in the main navigation of the forum to upload pix to the forum. I don't know why but apparently neither I nor anybody else had tried it (maybe it was recently added, I could not tell you). It is HUGE and has a lot of features. I will be making up a tutorial on some of it's most common features for those who may still not be understanding how to use it! Fantastic news and thanks so much d^rren for finding this!!! Here is a link to my tests using the "Media" tab for the pix:

Hey All;

This post is intended for those wanting to share pictures on the PRS Guitars forum ( ). It is being produced to address the confusion and frustration experienced by many users of the forum, myself included when trying to post pictures. As a computer programmer of over 25 years who has built forums similar to this one from scratch (including the code to upload photos), you would think that I of all people would be able to understand and get this right, but that was not the case when I joined in February of 2021. My particular problem was, my images were not being hosted on a "secure" website. As a result, some browsers, with some settings, for some people would show the pix. Other browsers, with some settings for some people would NOT show the pix. That said, I have created a PDF and a video to try and help others through this based on the setup at the forum as of April 12, 2021. If you have any updates or suggestions, things I missed, things I got wrong, things you don't understand, feel free to reply to this thread.

EDIT 2023Aug01: Executive summary
1. You need to host your pictures somewhere else (Flickr, Imgur, etc. - GOOGLE DRIVE WILL NOT WORK DUE TO ITEM 3 BELOW)
2. That somewhere else needs to be https (secure server)
3. The image link must end in .jpg or .png or other web image extension
4. Some image hosting sites will allow you to copy a "BB Code" and that can be pasted into your post rather than a https url ending with .jpg or .png



Here are links to some previous posts regarding this same issue: (official)

How to post pics from

Thanks for listening and be sure to share some pix of your beautiful PRS artworks!

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Great, I was not aware of this one. I will update my thread to include yours. My thread already includes the sticky post one from 2012 and another one for Imgur from 2020 by Candid Picker. Both of the 2020 ones seem to deal with Imgur (although his deals with home computer). Mine deals exclusively with Flickr. Whatever the case is, people are still having troubles. And I was told that you had posted one when I was first having trouble, but could not find it. Point is, help is still needed, and I am doing what I can to move that along. Thanks for the link and your efforts!

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Imgur has been my go-to pic hosting site ever since photobucket decided to get cute and try to extort me out of pictures a few years ago.
Understood 1neeto. And most people here use that. I like to use my own servers personally, but it has to be https. Anyway, as much as many love imgur, I did not care for it's interface and requests when setting up an account, so I chose flickr when I first signed up for this forum in Feb. Now that I have a secure certificate on one of my servers, I will start hosting my own photos again ;~)) Thanks for the input!!!