SE245 rocking Wolfetones thanks to PRS braintrust

I like A4 too. So does Paul and the Dragon 1 and 2 neck pickup are A4. I put A4 in the Duncan 59B I use as the neck pickup in my Black Bernie Marsden and to me it sounds very similar to the Dragon 1 neck pickup. According to Tom Holmes, most real 59 Gibson pafs used A4. He went through Gibson’s orders and most of the magnets Gibson ordered in 1959 and received were A4.

I prefer roughcast (not polished) A2, A4 and A5.

A3 is the weakest but it’s nice for clean jazz. Not very ballsy but it gives a humbucker a clear plucky sound when my pick first contacts the strings.
Just for laughs I put a alnico 2 magnets from a Wolfetone Legends set into a Marshallhead set. I reckon as some folks say, all magnets are not created equal. The previous A2 mags I tried really sucked, but the Wolfetone A2 magnets sound great. Reminds me of a couple sets of 57/08 pickups I had. Identical? no, but closer than any other pickups I've tried.
I’ve got Wolfies in my Mira

I will say I like the new "S" pickups better than the older G&B's!!!

However, had to do the 57/08 thang with the new Violet SE Quilt Custom 24. Now I've just got to get offa my lazy @$$
and get to soldering since the locking tuners and brass trem block just showed up today. Time to cut some strings!
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