Posting Images with Imgur & Your Computer

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    Hi, Folks.

    This post is designed to instruct you how to post images using Imgur & your home computer. There are additional posts that cite how to post using the Imgur app on your phone; my goal is to teach you how to use Imgur with what many commonly use...your computer.

    Use either Google or another internet search engine to locate

    Create an account with Imgur.

    Using your home computer, export the photos you wish to upload to Imgur based on your photo application to your desktop.

    Open Imgur in a new browser window, navigate to your screen name, and select 'Images' beneath the drop down menu.

    Click on 'Add Images.' You can select your image size beneath 'Add Images.' Typically, 600x800 or 15-inch monitor works well.

    Drag the images you wish to upload one at a time to the Add Images window.

    The images will automatically upload. Repeat as necessary. To finish, be sure to refresh your computer screen by clicking the forward-circle to the right of your URL line.

    Next, click on the thumbnail of an image, and select "BB Code", clicking on Copy. Then open a new window to this forum. Create a new post and use Ctrl-V or Command-V to paste the link into the post screen. Toggle between this forum site and Imgur and repeat this step as necessary to add additional images.

    Thanks for reading.
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    Or click here
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