A little love for the OG S.A.S.

Going Modal

I should be practicing right now.
Jul 25, 2019
Your mom.
And when I say "S.A.S.," I mean SQUAWK-A$$ Special, baby! I don't know what it is about the McCarty pickups in the Swamp-Ash Special, but man they really work in that guitar. (I didn't fall in love with them in an earlier McCarty-style maple/mahogany-bodied guitar.) Excellent fat-P.A.F. sounds in the neck, somehow with less mud than in other guitars. And the bridge pickup can squawk like some of the best Broadcaster bridge tones I've ever heard--it's unreal.

Heck, I'm not even all that thrilled with the sounds of the middle Vintage Rail being mixed in with the Tone knob pulled up; but the main 3-way humbucker options are all very cool. In fact, I've already disconnected the bridge-pickup split that occurs with the push/pull up. I might even re-wire it so that down = the 3 humbucker settings, and up would be just the Vintage Rail alone, rendering the 3 way inactive. Otherwise, I'm not sure what purpose the paralleled-middle pickup in the up settings would even do for me. (I prefer my other true-single-coil guitars for those spanky in-between sounds. But maybe the Vintage Rail alone will strike me.)

And since it's, "pics or it never happened," here's the gratuitous shot for y'all, including its wicked new matching Souldier strap:
So hot!

I've said it many times (enough for Sergio to mail me another!), the neck pickup on the original SAS is one of my all time favorite combinations. I don't know how much time I spent just noodling to listen to that position! Amazing.
They’re great guitars. I’d love to have mine back. I don’t even remember the pickup selection options were or how it worked.
Always liked the SAS, still want one in seafoam green. First I heard it was seeing Ralph Perucci playing it with the Dragons at a little shop in Maryland called Master Musician, 1998 I think. He got some great lead tones from it. I think I was 14 or 15, got a photo with Paul and I’m holding his yellow Dragon I. It’s around here somewhere.
I just had a freeway 6 way switch put in mine. Now it'll do everything except make me coffee.

I'm really excited to try their 10 way on my current HSH strat build. I looks to be of nice quality, but I haven't wired it up yet.
Hell yes...the old Swampies kick A$$!!!!!!!!!!!
Best necks ever...and the McCarty PUs on the ones around 2000 do sound great.
love 'em...and yes, Driver 8, the early ones were offered with maple board only, and a couple years later, the RW board was offered.
Pretty sure that's an earlier one before they introduced the blade switch.