1. Guitarjon

    Archon 50 vs Orange Rockerverb

    I thought this would be a fun comparison to make since these amps have some similarities but they are also quite unique in their own ways. They both have 2 channels (clean and high gain) so they are well suited for similar styles, they are both 50 watts so equally as powerful etc. Despite being...
  2. Going Modal

    A little love for the OG S.A.S.

    And when I say "S.A.S.," I mean SQUAWK-A$$ Special, baby! I don't know what it is about the McCarty pickups in the Swamp-Ash Special, but man they really work in that guitar. (I didn't fall in love with them in an earlier McCarty-style maple/mahogany-bodied guitar.) Excellent fat-P.A.F. sounds...
  3. Xav22001

    NGD: CU22 Piezo Maple Fretboard

    A/B'd that guitar against another 4 USA customs, I'm happy to report it's absolutely amazing! My custom 24 (the brown one I'm holding in the picture) was already quite present, bright and sustained particularly well when I bought it. This CU22 has the same sustain, slightly less low mids and...
  4. M

    Clean boost on single channel amp?

    Hey all. Got my new (to me) SE custom 22 semi hollow recently, and have been playing around with sounds through my Orange Tiny Terror/Blackheart 1x12. I can dial in great tones, but I anticipate problems playing live. It cleans up nicely with a volume rollback, as there's no "clean" channel, but...