Which DGT SE? General Advice for Choosing Guitar?


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Jul 30, 2023
Hi - I have the great pleasure of having 2 DGT SE's at the moment - one sunburst, one gold top. One has to go back. Clearly a personal taste decision, but looking for some tips. The Goldtop is surprisingly brighter and 'spongier' sounding than the sunburst and does the strat thing maybe a little better, and seems to have a (very) slightly thinner neck. The sunburst seems a tiny bit heavier and fuller/warmer sounding - I haven't owned a les paul in a very long time, but I think it's more what I'd expect from a les paul. Sort of a win-win, but thought I'd see if I got any comments that I hadn't thought of. It is interesting to see that even with the renowned PRS consistency that there is still a noticable difference between these. FWIW, the sunburst one is an earlier batch. Thanks in advance!
Gosh it's tough to tell someone else which guitar ought to float their boat more.

Speaking only for myself, and not trying to give advice, my criteria are, first, how a guitar resonates, and second, whether the tone has three dimensionality and vibe. Could be warmer or brighter, either way, but that's how I roll. A beautiful tone speaks for itself.

If neither one does that...wrong guitars for me! o_O

And of course, YMMV.