What are you listening to right now?

Just watched an interview with Steven Adler from G&R and he was telling the story of people hanging out jonesing waiting on the dope man to show up. Someone in the room stood up and said “guys we all just need a little patience, it’ll get here!!” Then he said Axel being a genius turned what was going on around him into music.

Mind blown!!o_O It always amazes me to hear what sparked the inspiration for songs by artists. Some simple and mundane some all sorts of personal stuff. One of a million reasons I love music so much.
Deeply saddened by the loss of Christine McVie this morning. I just loved that woman, and felt her voice to my core since the first time I heard it as a mid-teen in 1976. It feels like she’s been with me my whole life, so I’ll keep her art with me for the rest my days. RIP, Songbird