C.C. Deville


Jan 24, 2022
I really started to listen to this guitar player and I think he’s fairly talented. He isn’t EVH but no one will be able to hold a candle to my boy’s playing.

From some of you more experienced players what do you think of his playing?

I also started listening Vito Bratta and that boy is off the charts!
Honestly, his solos always fit the songs perfectly and they are memorable. Plus, the leads he was brought into play on those Warrant albums also fit like a glove.
Hair metal songs with hair metal solos.:p:D
Never was a big fan of Posion. He's a solid player that fits the style of music they make.
Now Vito on the other hand is absolutely an incredible player an I have personally been a fan of his ever since I saw a live concert on MTV back in the day. Actually everyone in Whte Lion band were solid players much more talanted than most Metal bands that emerged at that time.
It is a sin that he had suffered a serious hand injury that prevents him form playing,
CC, I could take or leave. His playing works for what Poison does, but I have never been a fan.

Vito, on the other hand, was an absolute genius. His playing was leaps and bounds above most of what was going on at the time. He took his inspiration from EVH and ran with it...

His solo on Little Fighter is one of my favorite solos of all time...

He took his inspiration from EVH and ran with it...

I can hear exactly where he got his inspiration from. I hear Eddie in all of his playing. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

What a superb player! Brilliant!
Vito is/was a monster player. If I remember correctly he hurt his wrist and that ended his career for the most part and kept him under the radar a bit IMO.
Just read where Vito Bratta injured his wrist playing classical guitar back in 1997, and can hardly play now. He says it hurts to slide his hand up and down the neck. Only nylon strings are manageable for short periods of time. Completely out of the business and unable to do a reunion tour or anything. How emotionally painful this must be. I can't imagine being separated from my electric guitar and compared to him I'm a total Hack. Never realized a wrist injury from playing guitar could linger that long. Especially considering this guy supposedly practiced 10 to 14 hours a day for years!