What are you listening to right now?

Such a cool cover.

Eh, I couldn't get into it. When they showed the guy turn his amp on about 15 seconds in, all I could think was the jewel light didn't come on, is his amp even working, and is that why no one showed up to watch them? ;)

Excellent cover, with just enough of them to make it a bit different. Side note - the bassist is wearing an Allman Brothers Syria Mosque t-shirt. The Mosque was a great local concert venue. I saw a lot of good shows there - Zappa three times, Stevie Ray Vaughan three or four times, Alice Cooper, Neil Young, Ted Nugent, Berlin, and numerous others. Local music fans were upset when the building was sold to UPMC and turned into a parking lot for years before something else was built there. It was a sweet place - big enough to draw some big names, but intimate. I really miss that place.
How about one from Steve Vai's upcoming release....Vai/Gash. Kinda reminds me of his Alcatrazz days (and Radar Love). Turns out this was an album he did in '91, and then shelved.


This was released five years ago. Bought it on release, but the live disc had a flaw - they put gaps between the songs. There was talk of a replacement disc, but I never heard back from the record label.

Fast-forward to a couple weeks ago, and a website called MNRK Heavy was doing a sale on all their CDs. Including this one, which was $5 with free shipping. They did fix the flaw. I'se a happy camper now! Oh yeah!!!