The Song Title Game


Apr 27, 2012
This easy to play game has attracted a lot of players on the VR forum. Let's start it up here and see how far we can take it.

The rules are very easy. Take someone's song that was posted, and either post another song that has a word from the title in it...or post a song that is in some way connected to the prior song. It gets more challanging when you try not to replicate a prior song's appearance. I'll get it started....follow this post with a song that has at least one of the words from the title in it...or can be somehow associated with the prior song either by content, artists, theme....whatever. I'm looking for rules that invite participation...not exclusion. Just try not to repeat a song that was already used.

OK...let's get started. We shall get the ball rolling on New Year's Eve with:

"In the Midnight Hour"

"Wilson Pickett"
"Funny Girl"

--Styne and Merrill

(yeah, a broadway song so what if I'm a little loose in the loafers)