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Jul 4, 2015
St. Petersburg
In late 2023 I set an important goal for myself - release a solo album. I have been a part of dozens of releases over the last thirty years. All of them have been bands, and the songs were mostly vocal oriented, following pop song structures. I LOVE doing that. However, as a musician, composer, producer, I have always wanted to create a piece of music that tells a story. Being a fan of opera, prog-rock, free-form jazz, blues, metal, southern rock and classical I decided I want to try to incorporate ALL these elements into ONE song.

I am working with musicians from around the world on this one. The vocalist, Michel, is from the Netherlands. The drummer hails from Poland. The bassist is from Sao Paulo. The keyboardist is local to me - we played in church together, lol.

This song/mix/edit is the initial demo/test mix to see how the vocals fit into the track. The arrangement is a mess. We're recutting the track with a new arrangement for a "single" release. In the LP context, the song will be this version where the long instrumental after the vocals leads into the next chapter of the story. As a stand alone track, that arrangement SUCKS - it makes no sense. So we're doing a version that can stand as a single.

Here's the tune:

Listen to Part II - the Gothic Narrative [feat. Michel Hoogervorst] by Hallowed Illusions on #SoundCloud

Now for the fun part....the gear used!!!!!

The guitars I am using on this track are:

(Main Guitar) SE DC594 modded with Core 58/15LT pickups and 2016 Core 594 wiring with a 50's LP mod
(Secondary Guitar) Custom Built Esquire with 4-way Eldred wiring
(Overdub Guitar) SEDGT

The 594 and Esquire are tuned C# Standard with 11-54 Ernie Ball strings. The DGT is in Standard tuning with 9-42 Ernie Ball strings.

I am using a Line 6 Helix for all the guitar tones.

The 594 goes with a Diezel VH4 model paired with two IRs of a '68 Basketweave cab running 25 watt Celestions. I am doing the close/room mic setup I always do.

The Esquire goes with a SIlvertone 1484 into the same IRs as the Diezel. I use two effects in parallel before the amp, (1) a Uni-Vibe and (2) and an EHX Russian Big Muff in front.

Both rigs are dry to "tape". Any reverb or space is added in the mix.

The DGT is straight into a "stock" Marshall 2203 with two IRs of a 1960A cab loaded with G12T-75s for the most authentic 80s Marshall sound.

The chorus has an overdub of an acoustic guitar. That is the SE HBII Piezo running only the piezo into the Helix, where it is met by two IRs of a Martin D28. One IR is the soundboard, the other is an element pickup by the bridge. Those combined IRs gave a very nice woody sound to the piezo. The rest of that is processed with the PA Lindell 69 (modelled on a Helios Console).

The electrics only have low-cuts from the stock EQ3-1 band plugin from Avid.

This mix needs more lows taken from the floor tom. You really notice it on a system with a sub.

Anyway, excited to share! Hope you enjoy.
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Thanks, man!! I am really excited by this piece of music. Part I is in the Netherlands now. Michel is cutting vocals this week. Part I is a piano piece that sets up the tale.

The story is based on my remembrance of a near death experience. I had in my 20s. Part I is the "fading" - when you begin to slip into unconsciousness. Your hearing turns to a high pitched squeal. Your heartbeat slows. Vision fades. Then your life begins playing back. Not all of it, but significant moments. Then as the light narrows it's focus, shadowy figures line your path to the pin-prick of light. They begin calling to you:

"It's not so bad here."
"ust let go."
"Come with us"

Then another voice...

"You don't want to be with them."

Part II is the the beginning of understanding that the end is coming....
Thanks all!! I got the vocals to Part I this past weekend. I am working on mixing Part I and rearranging Part II to flow more logically. I'll be working on those mixes and then putting the Parts together. I'll post the next evolution of the song as soon as it is ready.