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Jul 4, 2015
St. Petersburg
Here's a new song I did with a vocalist I work with. She and I a band in the early 2000s. We all went our separate ways in 2015. She and I kept in touch, and upon my return to FL we started working together again.

We've completed 4 songs - well really 3, we did two versions of one song because we couldn't decide which we liked better!! Anyway, this track is the most aggressive of the bunch - which isn't saying a lot, lol.

Listen to THESE GAMES by Lana Scott on #SoundCloud

For the geeky stuff...

I used two different guitars on the rhythm tracks.

The left side is two tracks of my custom Esquire. I used the pickup selection that gives me volume and tone. It was played through an Archon model w/ an IR of a Mesa V30 4x12 close mic'd with a 57 and a second IR of the same cab room mic'd with a U87.

The second Esquire track was with the selector giving me the volume only. This track was recorded with a JCM800 model w/ an IR of a 1960 G12T-75 4x12 mic'd with a 121 and a second mic'd with a K84 for the room blend.

The right side tracks are my heavily modded SE594. I haven't shared anything about this guitar. It has been upgraded with a 2016 Core bridge/tail piece, Core wiring, TCI 58/15LT pickups, and Mannmade Vintage locking tuners.

The first 594 track was done with the same JCM800 rig mentioned above.

The second 594 track was done with a Dual Rectifier model w/ the same IRs as the Archon.

The bass tracks were done with my trusty Masterbuilt Warwick Jazzman FNA4. I love this bass. It has an MEC humbucker in the bridge and an MEC jazzbass pickup in the neck. Like EBMM the humbucker can be in series/parallel/split. There's a defeatable 3 band active EQ and a blend pot for the pickups. It has a Swamp Ash body with a flamed maple top, Ovangkol neck w/ a Wenge fretboard. Coolest feature? Bell brass frets...

Anyway, I did 3 tracks of DI bass guitar (played once but sent to 6 tracks simultaneously) for the the intro, prechorus and chorus parts. These parts were just using the neck pickup. Here's the breakdown of those three tracks:

Bass 1 - this has a Plug-in Alliance Ampeg SVT-3 PRO model dropped on. I used the first preset.

Bass 2 - this has the Overloud Mark Bass plug-in. I forget what preset, I just remember it is the Little Mark Tube 800 amp with a 6x10 cab. The same rig I used a ls a live bassist.

Bass 3 - this is a DI track with an ADA Flanger inserted.

The verses got 3 DI bass tracks also. This time I used the bridge pickup as a single coil..

Bass 1 - this has a Plug-in Alliance GK RB800 model. No preset, I inserted it, turned a couple knobs and was happy.

Bass 2 - this has the Mark Bass also. This time I used the Mo' Mark head with a 1x12 MB cab.

Bass 3 - this is just dry DI.

For the lead I used my broken and burnt Ibanez RG560 with vintage pickups. This guitar is loaded with a 1960 PAF and two 1962 Strat pickups. It is my best sounding guitar. The headstock is about to fall off of it again, but it tunes up and plays like a dream.

The lead was done using a model of a Bogner Uberschall w/ an IR or a Bogner V30 2x12 mic'd with 421 and a second IR of the same cab mic'd with a U67 for the room. I added a sub- octave divider on a parallel path along with a delay set to 1/4 notes mixed in at 17%. The lead was tracked twice.

The synth pads are just sustained single notes. The left side is a Synclavier. The right is a CS80.

Drums were done by a local studio drummer. He came over and tracked drums to MIDI using a Roland TD50. During mixdown I took his MIDI and used samples from EZdrummer 3.

The vocals were recorded with an AEA R92 ribbon mic through a simple Focusrite 18i20 interface.

There is minimal EQ on the tracks. I added some 1 band parametric to the snare top to add some pop. I did a high pass on the vocal and a couple other things similar. The toms got a 7 band parametric to help cut the mud and add a little attack.

I used LOTS of compression - I used the Waves SSL Bus Compressor on every bus and many of the individual tracks also.

This song took 5 days to write, record, mix and master. I dig it. Hope you do too!!