Midnight Noon - new song by Moondog Wily

Moondog Wily

Howlin' At The Moon!
Feb 12, 2021
Piccolomini Crater, Luna
Well I could spend the next 3 months tweaking this, both audio and video wise, but I need to get it out of my head so I can move on to the next song ;~)) So here it is, "Midnight Noon". It is written for the rock stars and night owls who lead a "different" kind of life!! Give it a listen, but definitely watch the video!!! Fun stuff, at least in my opinion ;~)) Happy Winter Solstice all~

Available at all major streaming services over the next 1-3 days! Maybe longer because of Holiday weekend!!

EDIT: Spotify Link!
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How did you do all the graphics?
The graphics (without text) was done with artificial intelligence image generation. I would give the AI generator (Midjourney.com) a line(s) of the song and it throws back at me 4 image options in whatever style(s) I instruct it to use. I then tell it to give me more or use one that it gave me. Back and forth until I get something I like. Then at times, I will supplement that graphic with some additions while I am in Photoshop. I also did 95% of the text for the words on screen in Photoshop, the other text stuff was done in After Effects.

Then I take the graphics and audio and use Adobe After Effects to transition them, bring text in/out when needed, generate waves, ripples, other effects, etc.

I had a BLAST doing this one and will definitely be making more of them using this template/concept. A friend of mine who has a degree in film complained it looks too much like a Power Point slideshow, but had no input on what to do about it. I agree with him if your mind equates slideshows with Power Point, but for now, this is what I am working with and I really like the results ;~)) Next song on deck (having trouble deciding) will be "Musical Soul" , "Livin' In A Snow Globe" or "Porch Swings"!
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