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Not a NGD, just sharing some pixs


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Jul 4, 2015
St. Petersburg
I haven't shown my SE HBII Piezo to often. I dig a lot. Despite my "upgrading" my 245, 594, and DGT, this guitar is mostly stock. The big mod???


That's it.

Still might do tuners, just because. Will probably do vintage style lockers. Who knows??

Anyway, pics...

Sorry for the dust on the headstock...

Between the 58/15LT S pickups, the piezo and the Tripleplay I can do everything on this guitar. Normally I'd do a "Core makeover" on an SE, but this one had been stellar as-is.

I use this with a Helix Rack, with the Tripleplay running to a dedicated laptop for triggering soft synths via MIDI.

With the Helix I run two paths - one for magnetics, one for the piezo. The magnetic path is usually an amp and two IRs of the same can with different mics/blends. I tend to play dry, so it's straight guitar/"amp" tone.

The Piezo path gets two IRs of varying acoustic guitars, running parallel. I have Breedlove, Santa Cruz, Taylor, Martin, Gibson and several other obscure acoustic guitars. I blend the mix of the two IRs to get body and clarity. The IRs come back together and pass through a mic pre then to a compressor. If needed, I'll add a 12 string simulation or a parametric EQ to fine tune the frequencies I want to hear.

The laptop has its own interface - a UA Volt-1. Inside I usually use Arturia synths for keyboard sounds. I also use a lot of the East/West libraries to trigger strings.

The three signals are fed from their respective devices into either my mixer/PA or to my recording interface.

It's a killer rig with an awesome feeling/sounding instrument at its heart!!
I dig it! Any latency issues with the Fishman Triple Play through the laptop? I think I would like to try something like that eventually, but would be concerned about latency issues especially running through a computer.

Not yet. I'm running an empty gaming laptop - only the OS and my couple of software apps. I honestly think if I had ANYTHING else running it would get bogged down quickly. Arturia runs efficiently. East/West is cool if I run Play (older sound player) vs. OPUS - which sounds better, but I do start to have a little latency when using that app.

Since I'm only using one MIDI device at a time (only the Tripleplay) it works like having one keyboard plugged into a laptop.